Your foundation is unwavering

There is only goodness, and there is nothing outside of goodness.  Know this, and know this deeply. Know this beyond all surface appearances. Know this each time a judgment arises in your mind to fool you. This all the work of illusion using thought, and always underneath that surface of illusion there is the unwavering foundation of Truth. Reach for that Truth, always. More than that, abide in that Truth. Stay there, knowing how loved you and all are.

It seems as if not-goodness is possible in this world, and there is your proof that this is an insane world, manufactured by insane thoughts. Why is it here? It seems to be here because you wanted it. You wanted to know what not-harmony would be like, and not-harmony is only possible in an illusion or dream, when you have allowed yourself to forget the glory you are, the innocence you are. Now you are remembering, and now you are willing to see. As you are willing to see truth, illusion falls away.

An insane world becomes the ground of healing. An insane world, when it is no longer judged or struggled against, but merely seen through or forgiven, does not have the solidity or dictating power it once seemed to have. An insane world merely reflects the insanity of your thoughts back to you. It is a mirror for thought. Allow true thoughts to flow into consciousness, and any apparent “problem” is easily solved.

We would like you to look at what you call “problems.” These are divine opportunities and reasons for celebration. When your thoughts have conglomerated into something you call “problem,” something you see as a reason to fuss, judge, effort or struggle, you are having a wonderful opportunity to see how it works when you request to see what is true, when you ask for assistance in allowing what is false to fall away. You get to see how everything is exactly the way it should be right now, just so you can understand how beautifully everything works through thought.

Ask to see what is true, and you will see only innocence everywhere. Ask for the false to fall away, and you will see that no condition could ever limit you, that you never needed particular conditions to come or to go in order to know and enjoy the peace that you are. Ask for your happiness, for indeed your joy beyond all conditions, a joy that has always belonged to all equally. In asking for your happiness, you ask for the happiness of all, because you have never been separated from each other. Only in a dream could this seem to be possible.

The world you experience is only thought, only disturbed thought. As you realize the funny joke behind it all, a lightness enters, and with it a light that can pierce through the most deceptive of illusions. Carry that light around with you, and others instantaneously discover that they bear that light, too. They are that light. This is not complicated. It is as simple as relaxing together, laughing together, smiling together. The light is more powerful than any surface you have chosen to see and experience in your quest to experience not-harmony. Quest finished! You have been there, done that. Welcome Home.

Seemingly, to you, over time, all of the disturbed thought dries up, to be replaced by the joyful knowledge of who you all are, without exception. As all of the disturbed thought is dried up, the disturbed experiences disappear. Celebrate, enjoy, and know that you and all are the very power that shines through illusions. Shine on!

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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