Simple Reality

Reality is simple. There is no cause and effect in Reality, no tension, no anxiety, no control. There is only What Is, and What Is is changeless, eternal and joyous. Reality cannot be touched, cannot be marred, and cannot be broken, cannot be disturbed. We encourage you to notice when you react to what isn’t–illusion–as if it had importance and power. Do not view as powerful something that has always been powerless.

There is nothing to figure out about Reality. Only in illusion do you need to figure something out. While you are experiencing a dream about needing to figure something out, keep it in perspective. This dream came because you summoned it. Why do dreams come in particular forms? If your waking dream has a villain, you needed to see in another what you fear is awake and present as your self. Your self matters not at all, however. It is only a shadow. Your Self is all. Same goes for the villain you summoned. The villain matters not at all because it is only a shadow. The villain’s Self, which you share in your mutual innocence and power, is and always has been All.

All complexity is of illusion. Whenever there seems to be a conceptual tangle, any kind of conflict or problem, remember that inspiration can untangle it for you. Inspiration is the force that shows up in the illusion, when allowed, to remind you of the eternal Life you are and always will be.

When you find yourself in struggle, you are enmeshed in the idea that the illusion is real. Recognize this, and take a moment to realize that all of the characters are actors on a stage, and they are all, without exception, delivering perfect and Oscar-worthy performances.  Look beneath the characters. Look straight through the drama and any sense you are attempting to make of it. See the inspiration that is waiting there for you–waiting to spring into the drama and to help it resolve peacefully and joyfully. Release the idea that humans solve problems (when their job is to actually make more of them in order to keep the dream going), and allow inspiration to reveal peace to all.

What is Real is what you Are. There is no earning it or becoming good enough for it. The Real is available to you and all Now, always Now, because you can never escape from what you Are, and what you Are is always immediately available to you. Watch for that sense that you must improve, that someone else must change, that some condition must change. Notice how that requires a future, how it requires leaving the Now. If you stay in the Now, in trust, what you perceive as the future is easily taken care of by the force of inspiration that arises in the Now.

Trust your Self by allowing your focus to stay in the Here and Now, and notice how problems disappear. We are always here to deliver unto you the beauty and the wonder that you have held away from yourself. Will you accept this inspiration today? There is no reason not to accept a gift of which you have always been worthy. Accept this gift of ease and love and flow for you and all you dearly love, for you have always loved all as you love yourSelf.

Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash


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