The only gift we can give

Here is today’s gift, and the gift we give every day: What we offer you is the realization that you are victim to nothing. If you are victim to nothing, then no one else in your drama can be victim to anything, either. If it appears that there are victims, remember that this is the drama you are projecting, and it is reflecting your belief in victimhood back to you. All belief in egoic thought represents the fear of Love, of your true identity. The idea of victimhood is the struggle to make a separate identity. You can drop the struggle. That is your invitation every day.

You can believe suggested thought or not. Suggested thoughts come to you from what you are–Love–or from ego. Ego is a thought-producer you made in order to give an experience of physicality and separate, vulnerable identity. Ego makes a playground, a hellish playground that ends in a fantasy of death before it repeats again in another form. When ego has convinced you that its playground is where you dwell–that the physical world you perceive is real–you believe that the action figure (the body) is actually doing things. You can deliver unto yourself a believable experience of separate doing. The only thing that is truly happening, however, is that you are believing suggested thoughts or not.

When you are believing thought from ego, you experience stress. Stress is always an experience you deliver to yourself, and you deliver it to yourself by believing egoic thought. When you understand your role in your experience, you understand that there is also never any need to struggle against circumstance. Struggling against circumstance means that you are granting circumstance a power over you that it has never had. You are accustomed to engaging in this fantasy, and you are accustomed to allowing circumstance to determine your state of mind. Remember this: Your state of mind is prior to all circumstance.

Even though there seems to be much doing in the world, the only true doing is believing thoughts of ego or not, believing thoughts of love or not. Watch the thoughts, and ask for assistance. When you happen upon a treasure trove of still-active egoic thought, acknowledge your willingness to release to us: I want to be happy now. Please help me hear true thoughts. 

All experience comes from what you believe. When you notice what you are believing, that is the key. Notice how taking responsibility for your experience leaves all others completely innocent. Notice how it leaves all open to change. You are as fully innocent as those others, and your experience can change radically simply through allowing true thought to be heard.

We are with you as you perceive your responsibility, and there to assist as you find your willingness to withdraw your belief from cherished and repetitive thoughts. We are here to assist you into a perception of what truly is, always.

Photo by Daryan Shamkhali on Unsplash

A word about today’s photo:
I have been being shown in daily life where I keep egoic thought in my back pocket, so to speak, immediately available in case I want that understanding of the world because it is familiar. This is why the black and white are more or less equal. I’m being invited to celebrate this turning point and to sink into trust. There is no need for me to hold onto a perception that isn’t and never has been true. It doesn’t matter which color I see as ego. It could be a white fog that obscures everything that is Real, or it could be a vast darkness I use to block the Real. The important thing is that I recognize that I am safe, and I can trust loving thought to carry me. 

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