Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart

Your purpose is to let all of the illusions go, and you have endless and abiding assistance in doing this.  It’s not really a doing; it’s an allowing. It’s an allowing yourself to see what has always been here. It’s a realization that you have been holding something up in front of what has always been here, distracting yourself away from Reality. It’s a simple willingness to look upon what is Real and to allow the false to disappear from view.

As you let illusions go, you can see that the logic of ego is rotten. The foundation upon which decision-making was built has always been rotten. Decision-making by a separate self is a fiction. You can delude yourself that it’s actually happening as long as you wish to continue to see it that way. Once it’s clear, however, that a separate you has never actually made a decision because separate-you has never truly existed, you become willing to look away from the storyline of fictional character pursuing its separate ends. The story holds no relevance and attraction anymore because you can see that it is valueless.

Where the distraction of separate identity was once prevalent, guidance takes over. The previous logic of ego makes no sense anymore because it’s based upon fictional data. Rest assured that to whatever extent you are still distracted by a fictional and separate identity–either the one you call your own or one you call other–life will take exactly the form it needs to in order to assist you into clarity. Remember this: Life can do nothing but assist you now. There is no threat.

When you are allowing guidance to run the show, you light up. You are well aware of the safety in which you abide, and that means you are able to see others abiding in safety. You are truly happy for them and for yourself. You are well aware that the circumstances that surround you now can assist you on your journey to remembrance. You see all others as being assisted by their circumstances, as serving all by moving through those circumstances, and you are truly very happy for them.

When you light up, you help your divine siblings see, understand and appreciate the path you’re all on together. An essential quality of what you all Are is your equality. You always walk this path together, shoulder to shoulder. There is a lot to appreciate about the roles everyone is playing, how truly helpful they all are to you. You all emerge from illusion together, and each one of you is essential. Remember your value, and appreciate that of others. It is always a shared value.

As we see your perfection, you are able to see that perfection in your fellows. We thank you for your willingness to see what is Real.

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

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