Gently down the stream

Whenever you feel fear or uneasiness about something temporary, something changeable, you are feeling your struggle to hold onto and make meaning from what is not real. You cannot make any sort of helpful meaning from the unreal–from a reaction to perceived conditions. We invite you to set down the burden of this trying. True meaning is alive in you and all at all times. Rather than struggle to make meaning, simply open up to what is always present, what can never be damaged in any way.

Remember as you seem to walk through physical experience that everything is okay. Every Real thing is okay and always will be okay. Let this be the foundation upon which you stand. If the world seems to come to your door, telling you that everything is not okay, simply observe. What feeling do you experience? What thought is attached to that feeling? Are you willing to release all of the thoughts that do not serve you?

Whenever you are worrying, you are worrying over the unreal. We invite you to see this as the waste of time it has always been. When you employ time on behalf of healing, however, you are in alignment with time’s purpose. The experience of time is temporary, but while it still seems to be here, it has one purpose and only one purpose–to be used to usher you and all into healed perception.

When you find yourself in the energy of worry, you can pause and access your willingness to recognize the Real. When you worry, it is as though you pick up toys that have no real existence, and you play with them. We ask you to put the toys down, to recognize their unreality. Thoughts of the unreal are toys. When you set the toys down and allow your awareness to return to Oneness, you are listening, you are open. When you are open, easy pathways open up before you.

Flow will carry you through the unreal as long as you perceive it, but you do not have to give the unreal any positive or negative charge. Imagine yourself in a boat that carries you smoothly down a stream. It looks as though you are passing many separate objects along the way. When you reach out and hang onto one of those objects in order to affix a label that reflects your opinion about it, you stop the boat’s smooth flow. When you allow your attention to leave the object, the boat begins to move again. Your invitation is to keep your attention rooted in Oneness and to allow a reset when you notice your attention has become affixed to an object along the way.

Some of the separate and distinct shapes you view along your journey you call people. But beyond all the seemingly separate people is one True Self. When you pause to remember your willingness to see True Self in everyone, rather than reaching out and grabbing them so you can stick a label on them, you are inviting the Flow into your daily experience. As you invite the Flow into your daily experience, you make its peace and ease more accessible to all.

We are always accessible to you and all, and it is our great joy to serve and to delight in your service.

Photo by Mohamed Moiz Ahmed on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “Gently down the stream

  1. This Post is like a Breath of Fresh Air (of the Most Purified type). Thank You so much. Your posts Ground me immediately and that which is conveyed is so Simple and yet, Not easily ‘found’ Any where else. This is Truly A Gift that you possess.

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