Allowing world transformation

Peace is your inheritance and the inheritance of all. In other words, all are truly wealthy. When you feel disturbed, Peace is always much, much closer than you think. Conditions in a storyline do not have to be worked out before you can experience Peace. Peace is your nature, and it is your content. It fills up who you are, so to speak. If you have the experience of anything else, it is because you have made a decision to have the Peace that you Are obscured.

Peace is not earned or merited. All are fully worthy of Peace at all times. If you persist in believing that another is not worthy of full and complete Peace, you hold off the time when you allow yourself to experience the same, because you are that other. There is no distinct border line between you and that other. You have given yourself the experience of a distinct borderline through the embodied experience, but an experience is not Reality. There is only one of you, and as long as you think that one individual among you does not deserve peace, you believe the same of yourself. It is hard to notice what you are believing about yourself when you are proclaiming about another so loudly.

This is why judgment exists. Judgment of others distracts you away from what you truly believe about yourself–that you are not worthy of Peace. Your self, however, as a separate self, does not truly exist. You as a separate self is only an experience you have given yourself through thought. No experience that you deliver unto yourself through thought can change the fact that you Are Peace itself. Your true identity and that of all others cannot be changed. The more you are willing to acknowledge the true and shared identity of all, the more you will see reflections of it in the world you experience.

Peace is accessible to all at all times. Ego tempts you to believe that conditions and persons can block your access to Peace, but this is not so. You are here to stay aware of the Peace you and all are at all times, and to share this Peace with all. This Peace has nothing to do with definitions and conditions and judgments because it just is and always has been. It is prior to all. You are here to tune into that which is prior to all phenomenal things, and to stay steady in that frequency.

Peace has nothing to to with the physical world. While you can allow the physical world to become a beautiful reflection of the Peace you and all are, Peace is never experienced because of the physical world. Peace is experienced because it is always there for you, always inviting you to abide there. When you accept the invitation of Peace you allow your world to become a mirror of that abiding Peace. A world left unjudged is a world left free to reflect the Peace you Are back to you.

You can allow yourself to experience the Peace you Are while still experiencing the physical world. Indeed, this is your purpose. It is the purpose of All, although the separate ones you see seem to realize their purpose at different times. It matters not at all when a particular one wakes up to her purpose. Remember that the most important aspect of each being’s awakening is that it is inevitable. Flow along with the inevitable in Peace, and give the world the space it needs to transform into an accurate mirror of True Self.

We thank you, and we accompany you wherever you seem to go. You go there only in thought, and we are always there, no matter what you seem to be experiencing, to assist you back into the Peace you always have been, to assist you in seeing that Peace in all others. It is always our joy to serve, and we delight in seeing you as you realize that a life of service is joy itself.

Photo by Steven Aguilar on Unsplash

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