The Shift in perception

We are here to speak of the Shift.  The Shift doesn’t need to be called the Shift, for it has no true title, but you will experience it as such. Those who are willing will experience a radical shift in perception, and this shift will be shared mind to mind, because there is only one Mind. We all share it. Your primary perception is that there are separate minds, separate entities, separate bodies, but your perception does not make Truth. Your perception is an experience resulting from your thought, and that is all.

If you are here reading these words, you are willing to make the shift. You are willing to come to see that you make everything you experience, and you do it through thought. You are willing to allow your thoughts to alter radically, and your experience along with it. You are accessing your deep inner knowing, a memory past all impulse to play with thought as you have been playing, a memory that tells you happiness is waiting for you in the form of accepting healing for yourself and sharing it with others.

You experience the Shift as a shift happening over time. Time is only a perception, so it is a shift in perception. The one thing we want you to remember is that your perception is the way it is because you want it that way. When you think forces are conspiring to work against you or anyone, you are believing in the reality of something outside of you. This is impossible, as everything Real is peace, and everything Real is within you. The idea that something could be outside of you–it’s part of a vast fantasy, and you have to find your willingness to allow that fantasy–the one to which you have been clinging for safety and identity in an against-others kind of way–to be entirely dismantled.

You are in the habit of viewing the physical world as solid and immutable and powerful–a cause rather than an effect. The physical world you experience is an effect, and we invite you to remind yourself of this many times each day. It holds no true power over you because it results from your thought. It is exactly the way it is because you want it that way. Why would you want something you don’t want, as in environmental pollution? It is a reflection of your guilt for having made such an experience in the first place. Release the guilt, see all others as equally innocent, and you experience no more effects of such guilt. You are here to allow all guilt to drain out of the world and your experience.

We want you to begin to view everything as very flexible and entirely dependent on your thought. Don’t allow shame or regret for making the world in a particular way. Your mind has been sick, and if you see something sick in your world, it is only a reflection back to you of the guilt to which you cling. We are here to convince you of your innocence and that of all, so you will let go of the thinking that makes and remakes a sick world. You are not wrong in doing this–only confused. You and all can never be anything other than innocent.

In terms of actions in the world, we would tell you to ignore them all if you could. It is all the thinking that makes the world, and the seeming actions are only the action figures that you are manipulating with thought. The relative positive and negative values you assign to the action figures truly mean nothing at all. Shining behind this the whole time is the Truth that all are loved and all are innocent. Know this, and allow the thinking that shows you a sick and confused world to fall apart. Beings do not have separate value. You are only pretending that they do, and that is why you seem to experience a world where this is so.

We encourage a flexibility of thought that allows consistent loving thought to you and through you. You are here to allow all confused thought to drain away, to allow a stream of pure clarity to become your expression in this world. To allow that stream of clarity, you must surrender all personal judgment, finding it valueless. The coming days and weeks will assist you in the dropping of this personal judgment, and we ask you to remember that each situation in which you find yourself is perfectly designed to support you and assist you.

You are loved eternally as all are loved, and you are fully supported in your function here. Relax into it and allow transformation. We thank you.

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

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