Trust in Love

You are a conduit for love. This is your only function, and it doesn’t matter what form it takes. The form becomes obvious to you as you learn to settle into who you are and let inspiration guide you. Settling into who you are requires all of your energy and focus in the midst of all the distractions of the world you made, so there isn’t any energy left over for judging or analyzing others.

The one thing you can know about the others is that they serve you as you serve them, no matter what form they seem to take. You can leave them in peace, knowing that they are always helpful to you. Either they flush up and highlight your own resistance, or they flow along in that river of inspiration with you. Both functions are helpful.

When you do not feel happy, it is because you are not allowing your function as a conduit for love. Although it seems that unhappiness is brought about because of unpleasant or unwanted conditions, that is only how it seems. This is where ego is very clever. It sends you many messages about the cause for unhappiness. Believing the ego’s messages is always optional. When you begin to question them, you open the door for love to flow through your experience, correcting ego’s distortions.

You do not need to know what love is, decide what it isn’t, or define it. Love is. It is the only thing that truly exists. All else is illusion. It is not up to you to manage or enact love, to try to be loving. There is not a separate you that manages what you are, although that is the perception right now. The managing character is an illusion. Better to know that love will find a way if you allow it, and drop all ideas of managing. There is nothing to manage. Love only needs to be allowed. You block love’s expression with your judgments and analysis. The only thing you need to do is to realize the uselessness of the blocking.

When you allow meaning to drain from all the apparent things of your world that you have been projecting separate and conflicting meanings upon, you open up to become a conduit for the love you are. When you do not value one thing over another thing, you can be nudged in any direction. When you trust that you are always loved, cared for, supported and provided for, you relax into whatever comes next for your character. Whatever comes next doesn’t matter in the sense of judging separate things. It is your trust and joy in what supports you that brings your happiness. Maintain that trust on a consistent basis, and you experience happiness on a consistent basis.

If you are not experiencing happiness on a consistent basis, there is no need to judge anyone or anything as at fault or deficient. Rather, you are receiving many opportunities, to release your blocks to the awareness of love. In other words, you are being given many opportunities to have your habitual thinking undone, to realize how loved you and all are, to relax and trust. As you feel the pain of your blocking your awareness of love, you stop blocking, as long as you don’t find cause for your unhappiness in the world. If you find your cause for unhappiness in the world or in a person, you will receive another opportunity to realize that blocking love is useless.

Your expression in the world can’t be judged, analyzed or compared to anyone else’s, but you can feel the rightness of it when you are in trust. It doesn’t matter what your expression in the world is, and you don’t need an ego to make sure it isn’t harmful. Ego sends messages about the need for it to manage your experience, and it is always wrong. As you truly are, you always express lovingly, for love is what you are.

We rejoice as you see the light, and we rejoice as you allow the light to flow through you. Welcome Home.

Photo by Quentin Rey on Unsplash

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