Allow the gate to disappear

Egoic thoughts are gates. Your most natural state is allowing the flow of love through you, but when you believe an egoic thought, you close the gate to love’s flow. You can only close the gate to love’s flow if you believe your substitute–the ego–has something better to offer. This is all about you leaving the gate open or not, eventually allowing the gate to disappear because you never needed it.

Remember this when you feel tempted to see yourself as a victim, to see anyone else as a victim. You are all giving yourselves experience using thought. When you are in a situation in which you feel victimized by people or conditions, it is always because you chose to believe egoic thoughts. It is not your fault. It is your choice.

You always have the power to allow the gate to open, to allow love to flow forth into every experience and every situation, into every moment where you look upon anything at all. You always have the ability to see every successive moment as a blessed opportunity, perfectly designed to assist you in allowing the gate to open.

Believing an egoic thought is your way of saying, “Not yet. There is something I prefer to the flow of Love through me.” It is your way of saying, “Not yet. There is something that I, as a separate one, need to control first.” Remember that you are not and never have been a separate one. This separate one is fiction, as are all the seen-as-separate ones. Their beingness is very real. Their separation is not. When you see yourself building your day upon a fiction, you can take a breath and reset. You can find your willingness to allow the gate to open, to allow the gate to fall off its hinges and be carried away.

You hesitate to allow Love to flow through you because you believe the egoic thought that it would obliterate you. The flow of Love carries away all that is not needed. If it carries away a sense of self, it carries away a sense of self that was never real. You are entirely safe in allowing your Self as you truly Are to be exposed.

Love flowing through you obliterates the sense of separation. It obliterates your sense of you as ego defines you, your sense of other as ego defines other. Love allows you to see the innocence and peace shining eternally at the heart of every being, knowing this is more Real than anything you could see on a surface. Love opens you up to an easy flow of action and speech that assists others in finding and walking with you on the pathway of light, on the pathway that returns you all to full awareness of who you all Are. As you assist others, you assist yourself–your Self.

When you believe an egoic thought, you are closing the gate to Love.  You are saying, “No, thanks.” The test for what you are believing is very simple. How do you feel? Allow today and every day to be a gate-opening day. In a sense, every day is your Grand Opening. We are always with you, and we love eternally without limit.

Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash

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