The struggle is unreal

When you catch yourself trying to figure something out, take a moment to return to what is Real.  The back and forth of trying to figure something out is a struggle. It’s something you do when you are ego-identified, thinking that your character must run things.

We do not ask you to try to stop the action of trying to figure things out. We only ask that you rejoice. We invite you to rejoice because seeing the ancient habit of ego-identifying and believing that your character is solving a problem that is separate from other perceived problems is exposing it. Seeing all of this as just a perception to which you have been clinging–even for just a moment–is your way out of enacting that pattern over and over again.

Again, you don’t have to struggle to control or stop the acting out of the thought, because that is just ego-identifying again, thinking that the actions of the character are powerful. Actually, the thoughts come from mind, and mind is powerful. Mind is always creating in Love, but it can also make an illusion. One thing you can pause to remember when you notice this figuring out action ongoing is this: “My mind is very powerful. It is making a powerful illusion. I am ready to allow all illusion to be swept away.”

No need to fear what will be revealed when the illusion is swept away. It is just Love, only Love, and could never be anything other than Love. When you remember that you don’t want any perceived-as-separate thing more than you want Love, you will allow the illusion to disappear.

You don’t have to figure anything out. All is already figured out for you. Anything you think your character could need within this illusion is already winging its way to you. Think of the various resources you believe a body needs in this world of illusion. You think it needs food. You print food with your thoughts. You think it needs shelter. You print shelter with your thoughts. You think it needs money. You print money with your thoughts. You think it needs love in the sense of love being given by one separate entity to another separate entity. You print this experience of separate-one-to-separate-one-interchange with your thoughts.

Everything physically or emotionally experienced by your character comes from thought. The experience of it is the effect. Thought is the cause. We encourage you to sink past all perceptions of struggle and needing to get to the awareness that there is a plan in place for your character, and as you enact this plan of collective awakening, every resource and experience the character needs will be provided. When you catch yourself believing that you must get something for your character–money, food, approval–what a wonderful moment to observe this ancient habit in action, to affirm that you are willing to allow the old to pass away, and to open up to flow.

When you believe that you must figure something out, you are believing in the reality of ego, of the separate identity. We encourage you to see separate identity as something in which you have been believing, only a belief–and it is now time for this belief to pass away. As you engage in activity and notice that the separate identity thinks it is doing something, thinks it is having an effect all its own, it is the perfect time to allow light to shine on this perception, to allow it to dry up and disappear.

Just by noticing, you allow the perception to change. There is never any need to fight or struggle. You are blessed, and you are loved, eternally. Everything you need is here to assist you in releasing beliefs that have never been true. We deliver unto you a sense of the safety and support that surround you, because you allow it.

All is given–given freely and given with Love, by You to You, always. When you consider giving up illusion, fear arises–fear of what you would experience if you allow illusion to pass away. We remind you that we are One and always have been, no matter what illusions you have allowed yourself to experience. The only thing that could be delivered unto You comes from You, and you are Love eternal. There is nothing to fear, nothing to block, and nothing to defend against. If you are defending anything, you are defending an identity that doesn’t truly exist.

Every time struggle is perceived within or without, it is an opportunity. Give thanks for these blessed opportunities. Each one gives you the chance to agree to allow illusion to be washed away, shined away, revealing the Beauty and Order of what truly Is, what always has been, to your sight.

We love you, and we welcome you Home.

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

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