Looking at a blessing

We ask you not to worry about actions in life. Think of the all that will drop away when you stop worrying over actions–your own actions or those of another. Think of a deep relaxation that comes from this letting go, the ease. When you think of that ease, see yourself as cradled in the arms of your Creator at all times. When you are held so safely, as you always have been and always will be, there is no need to thrash about. You are safe. You are held. You are loved. You are deeply, deeply appreciated, and the gratitude that joins us all flows to you as well as seemingly away from you to those you call other.

We invite you to focus upon developing new habits of mind, and this will take care of all action.  When you think correctly about a situation, your action and speech are in alignment with what truly Is, with a happy and joyous Reality beyond all appearances.

Your thoughts can only come from two sources–the ego or your Self. In other words, your thoughts come either from Love or from fear. Love is Real, while fear is illusion. If you believe thoughts coming to you from illusion, it takes you deeper into attachment to the illusion and into the misperception, that you are a separate self, separate from other selves. You know which kind of thoughts you are inviting by how you feel.

It is as simple as this. When you don’t feel joy, you are believing thoughts from illusion. We always say this in many different ways, and we will say it until you believe it fully. Nothing in the world seemingly outside of you can cause sorrow. Sorrow always comes from an egoic interpretation of what you seem to experience. Experiencing what you call “problem” gives you another opportunity to request to hear Real thoughts.

If you struggle to control action, it means that you believe you as a separate entity are capable of judging action. You are capable of judging how you feel, but that is all. You can’t judge action correctly, but the ego will tell you that you can. Struggling to control action is pointless and fruitless. Here is what you can do, however: You can request thoughts from Reality. It can take this form: Please help me hear my Real thoughts. Your Real thoughts guide you beautifully though this illusory world, bringing your story to a happy conclusion. Allow action to flow from Real thoughts, and feel safe, held and loved at all times.

If you remember consistently the power of Mind, then it will be natural for you to focus on Mind when you perceive a problem. The only problem that can exist is the tendency to believe the ego’s interpretations of what seems to be happening to you. First of all, the world doesn’t happen to you. That is only a misperception. You use thought to make the world you experience, and that is why it is important to hear thoughts reflecting Truth. You are the one who allows reflections of Truth to flow into your world.

We ask that you consider a word substitution. When you think you are looking at a problem, can you invite yourself to see that you are looking at a blessing? All experiences are the same in that they show you how you are feeling and what you are thinking. They can’t show you anything else. They do not come to you to be proof of an egoic judgment. From now on, all experiences come to you to assist you in releasing your attachment to egoic thought, no matter how the experiences look. If you feel anything other than joy, it means you are attaching an importance to the seemingly external (but truly internal) world that it has never had. The world you experience is a screen upon which you can observe the nature of your thoughts.

If you are suffering in the world, you are believing egoic thoughts. Every time you are able to wake up to the fact that you determine your experience and that joy is always available to you, you remember to ask to hear your Real thoughts. Hearing your Real thoughts brings you more happiness and fulfillment than anything in this world of illusion ever could.

We invite you to come Home with us. Your acceptance of this invitation is inevitable because your healing and awakening is inevitable. Relax into that, and see the blessing and benevolence in everything today.

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

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