Forgive to allow the Miracle

The potential for miracles exists in every moment. You are always poised upon a great treasure that eases all pain and sweeps away every perception of obstacle or limit. All are always poised upon this treasure, and it is the most natural thing in the world for all, without exception, to allow this treasure to flow through, to give and receive and celebrate in and as the Love of God.

When miracles flow easily, sweeping away all prior perception of limit, the ego’s day is done. This is what the fear of death is all about. The fear of death is fearful messages from ego sent to you. You believe them or not. Believing ego’s fearful messages means that you are still willing to experience pain. You always have a choice about this, and remembering your choice is what our interaction is all about.

We would like to look at the example of fear of illness, as that is in your news right now. The fact that fear of illness and fear of other is right up there on the surface where all can see it is very good news. The fear of being out of control–that is right up there on the surface, too. We repeat: This is a very, very good thing. When fears emerge and are seen, they are seen in light. In the light, fear can dry up and disappear. Any happenings that seem to give those around you reason to fear actually help people to witness and then relinquish their attachment to fear.

From your perspective, it is helpful for you to think about it this way: You need to do it first. You relinquish fear, and then the world around you shows up as relinquishing fear, too. Give thanks for all opportunities that assist you in seeing where you are attached to fear so you can relinquish it.

Miracles transcend physical laws, transcend every conceptual limit the ego would impose. You are worthy of the miracle, and all are worthy of the miracle. There simply has to be an openness to allow it through. The miracle helps to clear the mind, to remind you of the vast and innocent power you and and all always are, joined forever in peace and joy, no matter what seems to be happening on the surface.

Indeed, what is happening on the surface, no matter what label ego strives to give it, is always a great blessing. It always reveals to you how you are feeling, and then it reveals how you have been thinking. With this awareness, you can accept the healing for yourself that heals All in your sight. In other words, you begin to see clearly and correctly. That is the only problem in any situation–lack of correct vision.

Miracles are all about freedom of the mind. A free mind allows all beings to show up as they truly are–powerful, loving, innocent, beautiful. A free mind allows all the world to show up as a reflection of what truly is–Love. Ego sends thoughts about this–that it is impossible and involves too much toil, but all of this is beyond toil. All is well now, and it always has been. It is only perception that tells you otherwise, and that is because you have been believing thoughts that ego sends to you at your invitation. You’re simply learning not to rely upon those thoughts. You’re learning that there is something different now.

A miracle requires that just for a moment, there is no resistance. What is True can flow through you and can be shared with others. Indeed, it is the only thing that can be shared. The Love you Are is shared easily and always. You let this awareness into the world you see when you begin to see that nothing from the ego can be shared. Believing egoic thought simply keeps you in the perceptual isolation of separate identity, really believing in one self vs. another self.

Mind clearing is all about sweeping away the resistance so the miracles can flow through you, helping all know easily of our connection and our shared joy. In order for miracles to sweep through, forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness feels like you are giving up something, but truly you are giving up nothing at all–only attachment to a suggestion from ego, and all suggestions from ego are nothing. They have never had any true substance.

You give up nothing in favor of the Real, and that is forgiveness. It is all about your seeing clearly Now. When you forgive, you willingly give up your current perception in favor of the Light. You recognize that the perceptions are based on egoic suggestions–nothingness. You recognize that the Light is everywhere, and you Are the Light. All Are the Light equally. You keep your awareness there.

You are a maintenance worker who keeps the way clear for the Miracle, and we honor and bless your beautiful function.

Photo byΒ Mike LewinskiΒ onΒ Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Forgive to allow the Miracle

      1. Well, this is the most yummy pretzel I have ever eaten!

        Thank you so very, very much, our sweet, precious Vi!

        I have this beautiful warmth in my belly and in my heart right now, and I know you do too, and you will always do, because Heaven blesses our lives so much, I cannot tell you, Vi, with words, how very much God blesses our lives, in every moment, with every gentle breath.

        Even when sometimes life seems a little (or very) difficult, what do we do, our darling girl? We forget the thought “difficult”, we put our hands on our heart and we think softly:

        “Thank you my God for everything. I do not understand everything, but I trust you and I thank you so much for this breath. It is Your breath through me. Please help all people realize that you are always here inside us.”

        Here is something for you; for the best mommy in the world and for you, our dearest darling Vi:

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      2. … the very image that made me feel I am looking into their eyes!

        The warmest hug also to “she who brings happiness”, and Voila πŸŽ‚!
        The most lovingly prepared cake for us all!

        Thank You and God bless you All, my beloved sibling Julie!

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