Light given and received

You can continuously exchange Light with all you know by paying attention to how you think. We speak of the effect you will seem to observe. As you truly Are, you are the light and abide in the Light at all times. The Light is good without opposite, good with no memory of or ability to see or judge anything as other, as bad.

How this works out in your world experience is that you notice the Light in all, and then you begin to bring that Light forth. As you see the true beauty of all despite all positive or negative appearances, the Light shines through you. Your great willingness to see the Truth, to bring all reflections of darkness and illusion to the blinding Light of Truth that dissolves them–this willingness allows reflections of Truth to appear in your world. It is always up to you. You allow it or not.

The exchange of Light that you will seem to experience is like breathing–the out-breath, and the in-breath. You send out into the world a willingness to see Light everywhere, and then you receive reflections of that Light in many forms. The forms themselves are meaningless and valueless. It is what they reflect back to you that points to the true substance. The true substance is the only real thing there is or ever has been–Love. Everything else you have ever experienced comes from a willingness to fantasize and to deny the Real. As you strengthen your willingness to return to Truth, reflections of darkness fall away.

Always available to you, no matter what the circumstance, is the giving and receiving of Light. When you find yourself in a difficult or challenging situation, you are experiencing a great opportunity. The heaviness you seem to be confronting is your own thinking–your own deeply habituated thinking. It is never a problem out there in the world, because the world is something that you make with your thoughts.

If you can find the strength to look at your thoughts, beyond what seems to be a blast of pain from ego, you can agree to let them go. When you feel “bad” for any reason, you are experiencing a wonderful opportunity to allow that deeply habituated thinking to fall away. Give thanks! Say to yourself:
I know in this moment I am viewing my own deeply habituated thinking.
I make the world I experience with my thoughts.
I am willing to allow these thoughts to change.
I am willing to hear my True thoughts.
I am willing to see the Light shining through all illusions my thoughts have made.
I am willing to receive guidance as my old thoughts fall away.
I give thanks for the Light that shines away false thought.
I am willing to see this Light everywhere.

Most important is your recognition and your willingness. With the willingness to allow false thought to disappear comes the ability to recognize the Light everywhere. Every being you seem to see is the light, and it is possible for you to know this deeply, never forgetting, never getting caught up in the characters others seem to be playing, never getting caught up in the situations that seem to be happening. Every situation you find yourself in is a conduit for the Light to become most prominent in your awareness. Give thanks for this never-ending stream of opportunities you experience.

No matter what seems to be happening, it is the illusion you want to look through and the Light you want to see. When you get in the habit of inviting the Light, you value the illusions less and less. As illusions lose their meaning, the Light present everywhere becomes more prominent and guides you easily through whatever you need to do and say. Your willingness to see through illusion to the ever-present Light makes your days easy and joyful.

We uplift you in joy and celebration at every moment, and it is very beautiful to see that as you truly are, you have always uplifted all as our divine sibling. You have so very many siblings, but they are all One. Let’s love them all as the One Light they are today.

Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud on Unsplash

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