Stay where it shines

You have within you a power that transcends all physical laws. This power is equally within all. We often refer to the treasure upon which you sit, even as you lament something you are projecting with thought. It is this: The power you Are can never be taken from you, and it is limited by nothing. It regards the physical as nothing at all. It just shines. Love Is. You Are. Love shines. You shine. It is always very simple. It is only in thinking about anything other than this that you give yourself the experience of it.

Go back to the shine. Go back to the core. Go back to the light. If someone in your world appears to be hostile, then look deep within at the spark of light they actually Are. That innocent, beautiful spark will grow with your attention and nurturing, and you will finally allow yourself to see them as they have always been.

If a situation in your world seems difficult, first of all, take full responsibility for your experience of it. It is playing out before you because of your thinking. Then notice the vast opportunity for healing that the situation is offering to you. What disturbed thoughts arise? Those can be gone today, once you realize that they are untrue. Look at the bright, shining core of healing that the situation brings. Keep your focus there, and find the gratitude for what is available to you now.

It is interesting to notice when what you perceive to be a physical law brings up fear within you. Whenever you catch fear thoughts about the physical in any way, this is your day for freedom. The physical is made by your thoughts, and Love can handle anything at all about the physical if you will allow it, because the physical is only an illusion. It seems to be powerful, but it isn’t. You are the power, and you have decided to use your power to impose imaginary limits upon yourself. We are here to help you stop doing what you are deeply habituated to do.

Love flows easily over, around and through all perceived physical laws. You are Love itself. Physical laws, while they seem to be something, are only projections of thought. When your focus becomes healing above all else, you will no longer regard physical laws as limits. You will see them as indicators of your thinking, and you will know by how you feel whether or not it is time to let those thoughts go now.

The process of coming to remember your Self couldn’t be simpler, and a successful resolution is guaranteed. Relax into how you are held and carried, how you are always brought in to the perfect situations for your own healing, and you will begin to appreciate everything that seems to happen to you.

When you find yourself in strife and struggle, you have temporarily forgotten how to relax into the stream that carries you so lovingly. Find your willingness to surrender any thought that disturbs, and you will remember how to relax back into the stream again. Life will bring you experiences that reinforce how perfectly supported you are when you allow yourself to be carried without judgment or resistance.

You are worthy of such comprehensive assistance. All are worthy of it, and when you take advantage of the assistance that is always here for you, your mind lights up a pathway to that assistance to all other minds across time and space. It is no small thing. It is an act of great Love.

Only through fear do you give the physical–your projection–a power greater than love. You are accustomed to seeing fear as an engine and a motivator. We’d like you to picture a much quieter motivator now. It does not squeal and blast like the engine of fear. If there is something to be done, it comes through you. If there is something to be said, it comes through you. There is nothing to resist, and everything to celebrate.

When, in your thoughts, you give the physical–your projection–a power greater than that which you Are, this lie hurts. This is what all feelings of disempowerment are about. They are never about the other guy, what someone seems to have done to you, or the unfortunate situation in which you seem to be. Your thoughts have dreamed up the whole situation. Reeling from the pain of telling yourself a lie about your disempowerment, you take instruction from the raucous engine of ego.  Make it a priority to go within to the quiet engine, past all sense of achievement or accomplishment, and allow yourself to be carried in Love.

You deserve to be carried lovingly at all times. All deserve it. We celebrate when you allow yourself to see your own worthiness. There is only one Worthiness for all beings, and we all share it equally.  We exult in our freedom with you in the Light, past all notion of limits.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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