Constant communication

There is only one true communication worth valuing. Because there is only One of us, constant communication with the Whole of us is what is worthwhile. Indeed, you are and always have been in constant communication with the Whole of us. The opportunity you are receiving now is to have your perception cleared so you can see this, and so you can see the value of our constant communication. Our constant and unending communication can determine everything you seem to do or say in the world you made. Allowing all speech and action to spring directly from our constant communication is happiness.

How do you do this? How do you allow all to spring directly from our constant communication? First, you value how you feel. Second, when you don’t feel joy, you go within to refresh your awareness of our abiding communication with you. Third, you continue on in the guise of your character in a world you made, powered by the joy and peace we are.

All seeming communication in the world will be taken care of by this communication that never ends. Every time you get the sense that you need to handle something in your world, we invite you back to the awareness of this unending communication with us.  From this awareness of unending communication comes faith, trust, and the ability to allow all that we Are to flow through you.

Are you plugged in? If you are feeling joy, you are plugged in. If you lose your awareness of your constant and unending communication with all that is, with Love itself, as Love itself, you feel disturbance or fatigue of some kind. Ego will always send you a message that your feeling of disturbance or fatigue is due to some condition in the world or a defect in a character. When you receive one of these messages, we request that you pause and make a request of us:
What I hear now is ego, but I wish to hear my true thoughts.

We are always with you, and we will help you. Every time you question an egoic thought, you help everyone. This is the most important work you can do.

When you are not plugged in, you are coming from a stressful place. It may seem that much is happening in your world and that you are performing many actions, but truly, nothing at all is happening. This is all the fantasy of the ego. As long as you perceive time, it is always worthwhile to use that time to return perceptually to the joy that you Are before taking any action. The action and speech in the world when you are not plugged in has no real effect. It seems as if cause and effect is operating, but it is only an egoic fantasy of cause and effect.

It may seem as if you are pursuing and achieving egoic goals in the world, but it is nothing. It is all fantasy. When you feel stress or fear of any kind, we encourage you to stop and acknowledge what is happening:
I am engaging in fantasy. Could you light my way back to Reality?

Ask for help, and the help is there.

It is our joy to to abide with you, and our joy to assist you.  As you accept our assistance, you assist all of your fellows across time and space.

Photo by arnie chou on Unsplash

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