Start at the Light

You have an ever-present conduit to Love in prayer, meditation, or going within. Whatever you call it, you are going to your Source, which is the True Self you share with all. When you go to your Source, you go past all perceptions ego would suggest.

Going within to what you Are is the most powerful tool at your disposal, and it is what is called for in any moment of even the slightest disturbance. If you make a habit of going within, even for just a moment, before you do or decide anything else, you pave your way for abiding in the Flow at all times, for experiencing constant ease and joy.

Ego promotes identifying problems and finding solutions. If you find yourself in the midst of this cogitation–trying to specifically identify what is wrong, making decisions about people’s motives, their pasts, and their likely futures, formulating plans to fix things that are wrong, take a moment to stop the busyness and to return to where all is Still. The Stillness will make obvious any solutions that are needed to anything that is perceived. Get in the habit of asking the Stillness what is to be done if there is a situation calling for action.

Before you follow up on an egoic directive, go within to have your mind cleared and to have your way guided. You know you are believing a thought from ego when there is any unhappiness of any kind. You have constant assistance available to you. There is no reason not to take advantage of the help that that makes your way easier and your day happier.

When anything feels off, start at Light, by returning to the Light within, and let Light show you where to go.

We abide with you eternally in the Light, and we rejoice to see you recognize it.

Photo by Aachal on Unsplash

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