Thought alters at the altar

What alters thought?

Willingness alters thought. We encourage you to imagine willingness as a spot within you, as a particular setting. We encourage you to spend time in this spot, to visit it often. When you are in willingness, it is not willingness for or toward a particular thing. It is a blessed openness in which you can’t but help inviting the recognition that you and all are loved.

When you value willingness, you abide there as your Home. When you rest in this open space beyond all particulars, you are willing to let the pain go and to allow Truth to enter. You seem to receive particular instructions from this place, but you must enter it with no concept at all.

When you rest at this altar of willingness, thought alters. Altered thought produces altered experience.

Altered experience convinces the experiencer of the power of thought. Having the conviction that Truth brings, the experiencer is unable to judge another, because Truth comes from beyond all judgment. The experiencer is now content to rest, receive and share beyond all judgment, beyond all sense of a separate self controlling anything.

Your only job is to allow thought to alter. There is no need to attempt to control behavior. Allow Truth to enter your mind, and you will share Truth with all. We are happy to assist you as you discover how simple and beautiful the act of healing is.

Photo by CHIRAG K on Unsplash

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