Allowing the shining reflection of the Real

When you think you are doing in this world, nothing is really happening. When you are identifying as an ego that places much importance upon the physical and its seeming meaning and value, this idea of doing nothing is shocking. The value in realizing that the physical, as the egoic identity uses it, is meaningless and valueless, is that you can open it up and allow it to show you reflections of what is Real.

When you are aware of what you Are, you are touching Reality. When you are engaged in the physical and finding separate meanings and values for each of its apparently separate aspects, you are engaged in fantasy. Our purpose is to invite you into the awareness of what is Real and to encourage you to stay in that awareness in order to allow physical symbols to be used to reflect Reality back to you.

You are able to allow evidence of what you Are to come to you in your daily life. Every time you feel a point of contraction, of discomfort, of tension, and you work with it until it eases, you are opening up a conduit to allow evidence of what is Real to come into the world you made to experience fantasy.

Form is meaningless and valueless, yet you are able to allow glimmers of Home to seemingly emerge through form and come into your awareness. This is your purpose now. Whenever you feel discomfort or tension of any kind, whenever you experience what you call “problem,” you are actively blocking evidence that would reassure and inspire from coming into your experience. We’re here to help you to stop the blocking.

The purpose for form is to allow it to become a shining mirror reflecting back to you what is Real. You are in the habit of blocking the transformation of form, and we are here to remind you that you are always basking in safety and love, so you can relax enough to allow form to transform.

We thank you for listening, and we thank you for your willingness to look beyond your judgments of the meaningless, to be calmed and soothed. We love you eternally and see you in your perfection.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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