Would you like innocence to show up in your world?

When you focus on the Truth beyond the shifting, relative truth of the physical, you bring experience into being that is helpful for all. You choose where your focus goes. In making a world that is unreal, you essentially chose to focus upon nothing, allowing it to take form in your sight as something more powerful than yourself. Prior to physical perception, there was only the joy of what Is in your awareness. You can return to that joy. You can access it in any moment. We encourage you to spend time here in this state that has nothing to do with the physical, so you can come back into the physical allowing your actions to be directed by that which truly is.

Your focus cues up your next experiences. If you want to extend your nightmare, keep treating the unreal as if it is real. If you are willing to allow all of your misperception to wash away, each time you you see that you are treating some separate thing in the world as if it has significance, return to the awareness of that which was here prior to the perception of the physical. What is more stable than the physical? What has always been here? Go there, internally. Abide there. Allow that to guide all things.

If you are focusing upon the this-way and the that- way–the back and forth of duality and the physical, the next experiences that are cued up give you the opportunity to emerge from this perspective. That is all experience can do. It can reflect clear thinking back to you, or it can give you a reason to allow false thought to be dissolved in the light of awareness. Any resistance you feel to anything, ever, is resistance to allowing false thought to be dissolved in the light of awareness. It is time for you to see that false thought has no use or purpose for you. You are entirely safe in letting it go.

If you focus upon that which is beyond the relative and the physical–the stable, the always shining–you cue up the experiences that will reflect the presence of this good without opposite that is alive in everyone. Everyone is a flower in a garden. Every situation can burst forth in to blossoming, too. Allowing the blooming to happen–that is always up to you. When you feel disquiet of any kind, it is never about what seems to be out there. It is an alert that you are resisting the blooming.  The remedy for resisting the blooming, every time, is to come back into sanity, to come back into awareness, to back out of those judgments about the physical, to sit in the quiet calm of awareness.

This is not about doing better. It’s about allowing all the doing to be done from the place of goodness without opposite that we all share equally. This is not about getting the personality to be better or do better. This is about seeing through all personalities to the light that is always shining.

If you perceive one as a villain, you don’t have to keep that one in that role. You can look right through the role to the shining innocence that is always present and alive in every being. Would you like this innocence to show up in your world? Every time you feel resistance of any kind, you are believing that you don’t want this innocence to show up in your world. The reason you (as you see yourself in those moments) do not want innocence to show up in your world is that you believe that if innocence shows up in your world, you die.

The reason you believe that you die if innocence shows up in and as everything in your world is that when innocence shows up in and as everything in your world, ego is no longer present. If you are identifying with ego, you are looking at what you see to be the disappearance of yourself, and it is this that terrifies you. With no ego identification, terror is not possible.

We encourage you, when you seem to see a problem “out there” in your world, to look at ego identification as the problem. Ego wants you to keep the problems of your world because that keeps you conflicted, not knowing who you are, and running according to ego’s whims. You set all of this in place so you could experience not-harmony. So you have experienced not-harmony. Do you feel done now?

When you feel disturbance of any kind, remind yourself that you and all are that which can never be washed away. You and all are eternal life, and there is nothing you need to fear. Eternal, joyous presence holds no threat, and that is all that truly exists.

Thank you for allowing the awareness of the ever-present light to come to you. We invite you to bask in this light always. We are this light, and we give ourselves to you.

Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

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