The remedy of Light

There is a deeper way of seeing. It is time now to place a priority on seeing what is True consistently. It is within your power, and your happiness depends upon it. When you are working toward your own happiness, you are working toward the happiness of all.

Every time you feel upset for any reason, we encourage you to look at it like this: My eyes are closed now. I am closing my eyes to what is True, and that is why I am upset.

If you persist in finding a source for your upset in a person or condition, you decide in favor of your own weakness, in favor of the vulnerability of others, in favor of the repetition of unhappy experience. You always have the power to decide for happiness. When you admit that any unhappiness you experience is due to your decision for blindness and not a world that doesn’t truly exist, you decide in favor of your own happiness. When you decide in favor of your own happiness, you decide in favor of the happiness of all.

Imagine a medical staff trying to help a patient who has become delusional, living within a fantasy world. The patient can tell you very specifically what is wrong within the fantasy world, but the fantasy world is not real–not seen or experienced by the medical staff. We are the medical staff, and we can see that your fantasy world is not real, is not a true threat to you or anyone. The power of your mind, however–that is very real, and we work together on that strength to bring you back to full awareness of the Love in which you have always been held.

In order to find the remedy for any upset, and we promise you there is a remedy, you must find your willingness to see truly: I am willing to open my eyes to truth now.

In any situation in which you feel the slightest tension, the faintest glimmer of irritation, the remedy is always there, always shining with a light stronger than anything you could see or experience in your world. Ask for the true remedy that lies beyond any analysis of a character or a condition in your world. Analyzing characters or conditions is not an activity we recommend that you spend even a second of clock time upon. The remedy of Light will give you all the information you need, supplying all your actions and your speech, carried out in happiness and peace.

It can feel particularly appalling when you are sure the other guy is wrong–the guy on the world stage or the guy in your life–to stop and admit that your own eyes are closed. We promise you, however, that closing your physical eyes and opening your spiritual eyes is the quickest way to find your gratitude for what appears to be another character. When you open your spiritual eyes, you will be shown that other is only a reflection of how you have learned to see yourself in dark and twisted ways. Release the dark and twisted perception, and allow the light to shine. There is only one of us, and the one of us is Light.

If you find yourself in the middle of a drama, find your willingness to allow light to pour through every character, every facet of the drama. It’s your drama, your dream, your illusion. It has never been more powerful than the One of us. Allow what is Real to shine into it, shining it away. You have nothing to fear in allowing your most preoccupying delusion to fade away in the light. There is and always has been only Love for you here. When the delusion has passed away, you will see that you have always been cared for, kept safe and held in the highest esteem.

What you see with your physical eyes can show you a lot of this-way and that-way nonsense, but what you see with your spiritual eyes can show you the light shining through everything you seem to see with physical eyes. If you are not seeing the light, if you are seeing instead some defect or some dark and twisted plot, some source of irritation and annoyance, for Heaven’s sake (and we mean that literally), close your physical eyes and find your willingness to see truly. Your spiritual sight is the most powerful tool you have, and it grows easier and easier to use when you remember that it is there for you in every moment.

We are looking at how you shine so beautifully at the same time we are aware that you have, with intention, hidden your own light and the light of all from your awareness. It takes only your agreement to make your awareness of the light stronger and stronger, so remember that your loving siblings are always here for you.

Photo by Marty Finney on Unsplash

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