Seeing through drama

Everything is all set up for you. Everything is perfectly set up for you because you are worthy. This means that as you step into your day, there is no error in what you encounter. If what you seem to encounter brings you joy, it ushers you along a joyful path. If what you seem to encounter seems to bring you a lack of peace, find your willingness, once and for all, to allow what blocks peace to surface fully and to be ushered out of your experience. When you serve yourself in this way, you serve all.

Love extends from what you are effortlessly. You are worthy of Love, and so are all. If any disturbing perception arises, it is a reflection of your original decision to experience disturbance. While experiencing this illusion of disturbance that could never be real, it would be possible to almost forget yourself. We say almost. Entirely forgetting yourself–your true identity in Oneness, the true identity of all–would never be possible.

We invite you to a game. Whenever you are considering a relative truth in your world–a truth about what happened, a truth about a character’s actions or motivations, a truth about a character’s plans–notice how you feel. How does it feel to play with the notion of relative truth? You will find that it always feels disturbing. Even the sense that you are satisfied to find what seems to be relatively true in this very unstable drama is permeated with an underlying anxiety.

We invite you from that underlying anxiety, that willingness to judge what is true and what is false, who is right and who is wrong in a world of illusion, to the Truth. The Truth is that all are Truth itself, currently playing roles that would indicate otherwise. All are the truth that only Love is. If you are willing to stop and see the truth of everyone’s being in the midst of a drama, you assist that drama in calming. You assist all characters out of their attraction to drama by admitting to your own and allowing it to be healed. The truth of everyone is always shining if you are willing to stop and observe it. You observe it by remembering that it is always there.

If you are feeling the burden or tension of any effort, it is time to go within. Within is the light. If you have to look through the surface to get to the light, then look through the surface. You invite the light up to the surface by looking through the surface to it. Any judgments you are attached to are just games, delaying the moment when you will look through the surface to what is Real. What is Real can operate the character without a sense of effort.

Let us clarify. We are not claiming that a sense of effort is wrong if it is not disturbing. But if you are feeling the fatiguing pull and heaviness of effort, know that you are finally seeing all the effort it takes to pretend that you are what you are not. You can stop pretending. You can drop all of the effort, and you are always held in complete safety.

Within is a refreshing stream. You are accustomed to trying to get your energy off the surface of life, bouncing off of judgments you have made, using those for motivation. All of this is meaningless, and that is the source of all your pain. Ego would tell you that the source of your pain is outside of you, and is very specific about what the sources of pain are.

Ego is always lying. It is always sending you judgments that are bouncing off the surface of a meaningless world. All meaning is within. Go within to see that light shared equally by all, and the surface of the world matters not at all, means nothing at all. When you allow what is within to determine everything, you need make no judgments about the surface of a meaningless world, about the costumes the characters are wearing, the lines they speak, the stage directions they follow.

When you allow all meaning to come from the always-shining light within, your character can enact whatever is needed most for healing in any scene in the drama. That is the source of your peace–that you are guided so lovingly and well. Make sure the way is clear to see that light and to allow it to beam forth from you.

The ego would decide what it would be like if you were to allow the light to beam forth from you. It would construct various ideals about what a light-beaming person would act like and sound like, and then it would instruct you to use effort to align with those ideals. Luckily, you are not a person, and you do not need ideals. You can throw all of that in the garbage quite cheerfully. Simply find your willingness to look through the surface to the light, your willingness to remember that the light is always present in everyone and in everything. That is all you need.

The refreshing stream within is you, and you are learning to depend upon it at all times. The more you see this abundant and pure source as always available to you, you are able to see it as available to all others without exception, and then you need not judge them, pity them, or envy them. All have equal access to the same true riches, and your willingness to see the truth of their inheritance makes it easier for them to become aware of it and to rejoice.

This is truly a time for rejoicing, because it is a time of the lifting of all the barriers you have used to protect yourself from Truth. Truth is love, and you have never needed to defend against it. We celebrate as you realize that you can relax into what is always here for all beyond all appearances.

Photo by Mitul Gajera on Unsplash

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