The dials of perception

Think of your perceptions as dials. When you allow egoic thought to adjust the levels on the dials this way and that way, you feel bad. You do not feel bad because you have done wrong. You do not feel bad because anyone else has done wrong. You do not feel bad because of conditions. All of that is fiction. You feel bad because you have allowed ego to adjust the dials of perception, bringing a fearful world into focus. Feeling bad is a very useful alarm.

When you feel joyful and peaceful, you are allowing What Is to adjust the dials. As long as you seem to be here, you can give control of the dials over to what you truly Are, not a fiction of who you are in opposition to others. Give control of the dials of perception over to who you always have been with all others.

Think of giving control of these perceptions over to Spirit. Spirit is good without opposite. Spirit can right all wrongs. Spirit helps all of you wake up. Spirit leads you back to the full awareness of eternal life. A personality only leads you through illusion back to a repetition of the experience of death. Look through all the personalities–yours and everyone else’s–and trust the Spirit that has always been alive underneath them.

You are Spirit, after all. Everyone is Spirit. This means that everyone is okay, perfectly fine. As you look out into the world and you seem to see those who are not okay, remember that as Spirit, they have always been perfectly fine. There is no cause for guilt. As you pass through illusionary experiences of believing that what you are is not okay, remember your true identity in Spirit–that which could never have a flaw, that which could never suffer. Put your attention, which you can control, upon that which is Real.

The idea that you, as a personality, are controlling anything in the world is a fiction. Today, take the opportunity to notice wherever you believe you are controlling something in the world. This is the fiction in which you have been engaging. This is where all sense of having done wrong and guilt comes from. See through the illusion of the doings in the world. In truth, nothing has ever happened here–only feverish dreams.

The only thing you can control is your thinking, so it makes sense to put all of your attention there. Find your willingness to have thoughts of doing and thoughts of controlling aspects of a world taken from  you. When you allow false thought to be taken from you, true thought can arise in its place, and that true thought will guide every moment of your experience in the illusion of physicality.

We come with a torch to show you the light everywhere. It is up to you to allow that light to affect your experience. We know you want to be happy, and we know you will allow the light to shine through the darkness.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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