Resting in fulfillment, acting from fulfillment

When you awake each morning, you have one purpose. It is carried out in many different ways, but you have one purpose–to serve the awakening of all, and in doing that, to serve your own awakening.

The ego encourages you–love–to go in search of satisfaction, but there is something more than satisfaction. That is why when people reach the goals ego has called them to, they feel temporarily satisfied, but still empty after. And that is why they set up another goal to pursue. What fills in all the gaps between goals? Fulfillment. The ego-messages don’t guide you toward fulfillment, which is what you experience when you rest serenely where you are, in full knowledge of who you are. You designed the ego to guide you away from the truth of who you are so you could experience an illusory opposite.

When you discern the difference in feeling between ego-thought and true-thought, it becomes easier to know what to do next. Before you know, though, you can go through a period of not knowing at all. Embrace the not-knowing and see what comes into that space. You are not who you thought you were. You are not the entity that the ego-thoughts built up into a separate self, and you never have been. What you are is completely stable, and always has been. The same goes for everyone else. When you invite yourself to see this shining through everywhere, the idea of “just knowing what to do” comes into your experience more and more. This is fulfillment, and as you experience it more and more, you know to stay there, to make your home there, to return there when you wander away for a time.

Within the illusion, there are pinnacles–experiences that nearly everyone would reach for–the experiences that seem to promise to bring happiness. More and more, as you experience and feel the utter stability of love, you see the pinnacles as illusory. If a representation of a collective pinnacle came into your experience, there would be no problem. There’s nothing to resist, but within the illusion, there is nothing after which to yearn, either. You are always held in love, always cared for, always presented with the perfect experiences for the benefit of all. You are perfectly placed, always, and in that knowing, you can surrender to the flow.

As you are learning, be frank about your yearnings. Do you yearn for a sum of money? For a physical alteration? For the ease, abundance and freedom of peace? That is what all yearnings are based upon, and they are all innocent. See your yearnings simply as the impulse that is guiding you into awakening, and don’t be bothered too much one way or another about the forms they take. Focus instead on how that energy is active and alive inside you.

A yearning is an impulse to go Home, to return to the fulfillment what what you actually are right now, and it’s a feeling that is fueling your experience. See the energy of that yearning as the rope you hold onto as you walk in darkness toward the light. There is a good and useful purpose in all things. Find it and celebrate it. There is nothing to resist and nothing to vanquish.

There truly is nothing to fight. If you have the fighting energy active within you, however, celebrate that. You can allow that energy to color your path to awakening. Eventually it will subside, but we can work with your active energy in many different ways. In what way do you feel alive today? Is it subtle or overt? Is it springing all over the place or humming in the background? We can work with that. It’s all about expansion and merging. Come as you are, hiding nothing. You are perfectly formed, corresponding exquisitely to everyone else in differentiation. We wouldn’t have you any other way. There is nothing rejectable about you, nothing you need to change to become worthy of our connection and our partnership. We delight in you then, now, and always.

Every opportunity and event in your day today is going to represent the flow of all things or that which you have chosen in order to obstruct the flow of all things. Taking responsibility–but never, ever blame–is key. You, as an extension of your creator, asked to have an experience opposite of that which Is. What truly Is, is this: Love expanding, always. That’s all that ever could be, all that ever will be.

So in those moments in which it seems something is obscuring your flow with all things, you are having a great opportunity. You can see/feel/touch this obstruction. The tension of it is apparent. Whenever you encounter it, in whatever form it arises, it is always the egoic experience you chose. You can remember this in those moments:

I chose egoic experience in curiosity.
I am innocent, and I always have been innocent.
Dwelling in illusion is never something for which I have to be forgiven,
because I have never done anything wrong.
Within this illusion, I do learn to forgive myself, however.
I begin by forgiving all others first.
My nonphysical brothers and sisters stand ready to help me in this very moment.
Every moment is for choosing again,
and I always have nonphysical assistance as I choose.
I choose love.
I choose the truth of what I am, what has always been, and what always will be.
I know that in so choosing,
I am allowing the energy of remembrance to enter the illusion.

Every day, you have moments of flowing with all things, and those are expanding. You will notice that those moments have little to do with illusory pinnacles.  Whenever you experience something opposite to the flow, you are touching the active guilt that only you can hold up between the self you allowed the ego-thoughts to build for you–an idol–and your true self in unity with all. This is a good moment. You are directly in touch with that which seems to obscure love, and you know that you yourself are the active agent in keeping it from your sight. Responsibility is a wonderful thing, because from that position of  blocking, you can relax into a position of allowing.

This journey is not about form–form judged, form wanted, form accepted, form rejected. It about feeling expressed through the forms of the illusion. This journey encompasses form and uses every aspect of form in the service of awakening, so it is safe to embrace all. Embrace it with curiosity. Embrace it with willingness to see where you are attempting to block a flow that is unceasing. Embrace it with the knowledge that you can relax into what you truly are, and form will serve you by reflecting that back to you.

We are with you, ready and waiting to assist you in every moment.

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

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