Patience and inspiration

Inspiration is worth waiting for. Every seeming decision during your day offers you a choice between two things: Do you want your answer to come from Light, or do you want your answer to come from pain and suffering? It seems like an easy decision, doesn’t it? Your habit of following ego’s dictates means that you are accustomed to choosing pain and suffering, but it is now more apparent to you just what you have been doing. Now that the habit has been exposed, it can fall away.

Inspiration is a friend that is always by your side, patiently waiting. As you learn to notice how a suggestion from ego feels, you also learn patience. You learn to set the ego’s suggestion aside, viewing it as valueless and meaningless, and you wait instead for the guidance of inspiration.

The guidance of inspiration always brings gifts with it–energy and resources to accomplish through you easily and effortlessly. As you become accustomed to inspiration, you begin to view the body not as an identity, but as a tool. More and more, you begin to realize that all are the Light, not the bodies–the tools–that the Light can use. You decide if the body is put in the service of ego or Spirit, and more and more, you are beginning to see that it is painful every time when you put the body in the service of the ego.

You are learning to trust that inspiration is Real, while stressful thinking is not. You can allow stressful thinking–anything the ego would tell you–to have its moment. You can hear what it has to say and realize that it is meaningless and valueless. That which would have sent you on a wild goose chase before now leaves you unmoved, ready and waiting for inspiration. You are understanding that the ego voice gives you nothing but false identity, gives others nothing but false identity in your sight.

Forget about analyzing the worth of physical friends. The friends represented by bodies have equal worth, and you cannot change that. The only thing that needs this scrutiny is thought. Is thought your friend or your enemy? How does it feel? A thought that in the past would have brought you satisfaction now brings pain and tension. You are seeing through the ruse of satisfaction. Ego tells you certain feeling states are positive and wanted when they are actually painful. Because of your willingness to feel, you are now able to notice what hurts. When you notice which thoughts hurt, you can merely keep still until they disappear, revealing inspiration.

As you learn to wait for inspiration, the trickle of inspiration becomes a stream, then a river. This river carries you, and then you can see that everything you need to do is prepared for you, is done through you. There truly is every reason to relax and celebrate your freedom, in all the support that is always there for you. The idea of struggle fades into the background and then disappears. You begin to see that all are carried by this river, and you rejoice.

We carry you because you carry us. We thank you for the perfection that is your True Being, the perfection that always provides everything we could ever need.

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

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