The lesson is always yours

In every moment, there is a lesson. If the lesson is always yours, the opportunity is always yours. You are experiencing an illusion, but it is always your opportunity to recognize the illusion for what it is, and to allow the light all are to shine through it. No matter what seems to be “out there,” the lesson and the opportunity are always yours. Nothing is more important than allowing your mind to be trained to recognize this, for this is the way to recognize the happiness that is already here.

No matter what seems to be happening, it’s a question of allowing. There seems to be something there, and it is unreal. Whatever seems to be upsetting you, that is the unreal part. There Is always something present wherever you are, and no matter what seems to be happening, that presence is Real. In understanding what is Real and what is unreal, you are able to allow the Real to take over. You always have this choice: You can allow the sense of separation to play out an illusion, or you can allow what is Real to be in charge.

In order to become more aware of what is always present for you, we ask you to notice emotion. We invite you to see that whenever you judge the world in any particular way, there is always raging anger behind it. The sense of stress and tension you feel when you lay judgment upon any seen-as-separate thing–this is what the ego requires to operate.

The ego requires you to believe its thoughts, its opinions and analyses, in order to keep you mesmerized by illusion. Behind each one of ego’s thoughts is raging anger. This is revealed for what it is now and then, and when you see it, you believe that the anger was caused by something in the illusion. Not so. This anger is being revealed, and it is useful to see, whether it seems to be present in you or another. We assure you that you do not need to fear this anger. We encourage you instead to make note, to observe. This anger is what ego requires to run–this disquiet, this lack of peace.

Never deny anger when it seems to be present, attempting instead to hide behind a facade of peace. When anger seems to be present in you, you are looking at the problem. All of the thoughts that seem to be attached to that anger, they have floated up to the top for release. Think of helium balloons in a cage. Allow them to rise out of your experience. Find gratitude because life showed you what you were hanging onto.

Look to find the peace that was always shining behind these thoughts. Every meaning that the angry thought seemed to have–no meaning. Every value that the angry thought seemed to have–no value. The peace that was always shining behind the angry thinking? All of the value and the meaning.

But what if the anger was righteous anger on behalf of another? Are you supposed to let that go? How will anyone ever be treated fairly if you let that go? When you focus upon the truth of the Light, you call upon the right-mindedness in your own mind and in every mind across time and space. It is no small thing. Indeed, there is nothing more powerful. Sometimes actions and words may accompany this focusing upon the light. Sometimes there is only a focusing. It matters not. What truly matters is that you recognize that the seeming source of your upset is unreal, an illusion that you made, and that you look upon the light that is always shining behind the illusion.

Think about focusing on the Truth of the profound sanity that belongs both to the perceived victims and the perceived aggressors. Think about the power of focusing on our shared Being, which is available to all at all times. You are simply calling everyone Home, and what you do for perceived others, you do for yourself. You can never serve one truly without serving all.

When you perceive anger, remember this: The raging anger is not you, and it is not yours. It’s a perception you accepted, and it belongs to the imposter-character you accepted as your separate self. You can also seem to see it over “there” in the imposter-characters you accepted as separate others. That does not make it Real. Anger is an illusion, but when you are perceiving this illusion, it is useful. It is an immediate reminder that you believe lies, and that there are lies you can release right now. Seen in this way, it is a great service.

This fantasy has been about accepting an imposter as Real. If your separate self is no more Real than any other separate self, then the whole basis for judging separate selves separately has no foundation in Truth. Waking up means that you recognize that staying in judgment is staying in insanity, so you allow judgment to fall away. What remains when you allow judgment to fall away? Only guidance, which lights up a path for you through what remains of illusion until illusion is no more.

We thank you for your willingness to release your attachment to the unreal, and we shine eternally in a clear reflection of you and All.

Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash

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