All blame is over

After I recorded this message, it seemed like the title got changed, so that’s why I call it “Here and Now” in the recording. 💚

The only thing you could try to defend is the unreal. When you are battling, when you are struggling, you are giving yourself the experience of doing this within a nightmare, within an imagined landscape where certain elements seem to be hostile to you or others. I made this up is an excellent reminder whenever you find yourself in this struggling energy. You cease struggling in order to allow the Flow to carry you. The Flow only goes one way–past all struggle, to Home, to the Here and Now.

The Real needs no defense. Being the only thing that truly exists, there is nothing “other” that could be the other side of any conflict. All conflict is imagined. Any experience of inner or outer conflict is caused entirely by egoic thought believed. There is no real aspect to any perceived conflict–only your attention upon untrue thinking. Are you obligated, within one of your nighttime dreams, to fit in by pretending that it is real? With what would you be fitting in?

If you find yourself in struggle, you are using thought to defend the unreal. In your Bible’s Corinthians, Paul says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” This is spiritual adulthood. All blame ended. You don’t blame others. You don’t blame conditions. You don’t blame a separate one you call yourself. All blame is over. There is only this: Sometimes you believe thoughts sent to you by ego, which you invented. When you believe thoughts sent to you by your invention, you find yourself in a state of struggle. That is all.

We are the Light, and so are you. When you find that you are tired of the experience of struggle that you give yourself, here we are. You fall back into this Light. You fall back into your Self. When you move away from struggle, there is only one place to go–into the Light.

When you fall back into the Light, you are Here. You are in the Now. The Here and Now is where guidance is obvious. We are always here to welcome you into this place of ease and effortlessness. This is a place where you as a separate one don’t control anything. This is a place where the idea of you as a separate one fades away.

You thought you needed to control something, and you thought you needed to see everything before you as clear and distinct and separate in order to rule over all of the separate parts. Here, in the embrace of the Now, there is no need to rule and no need to see separation. There is very clear guidance, however, and that guidance can be carried out effortlessly because it is not you as a separate one who is the doer. You as a separate one is only a memory, and it is of no use to you or anyone anymore.

Here, in this Light, you can see very clearly that you are not dead. The Light does not kill you, and physical death has only ever been a pretending. The Light simply shines away what was never real.

It is our delight to shine Here with you. It is our joy to shine as our united Self.

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

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