Allow Spirit to use all of the symbols

Any situation that would seem to make you uncomfortable is a blast furnace for the ego, but not for you. What you Are is what remains when ego is no longer seen. The purpose of each day is the same. Each day comes to allow you the opportunity to allow ego to melt from your sight and from your functioning. Your idea that separate things have separate meaning will fade away, and this is the only purpose you have in seeming to wake and encounter and interact and move about.

To that end–the ending of separation perception–Spirit offers you graduating symbols. Anything you seem to experience is made entirely of symbols, and Spirit can use them all. When you realize that Spirit is using symbols to heal your mind, the idea of you-as-a-separate-one controlling anything goes out the window.

As Spirit uses symbols to heal your mind, you still experience the physical and the phenomenal. The focus is different, however. Life is not about attempting to control the physical or the phenomenal. It is not about playing victim to a physical and a phenomenal beyond your control, either. Experience with physical and phenomenal symbols is all about finding the willingness to hand all control over to the True Self. It’s all about learning how to allow Peace to handle everything. It’s all about learning to see Peace as everyone’s shared identity. As long as you don’t judge the symbols or place a power in them they don’t have, you’re good. You’re learning how to stop interrupting your own healing.

You may feel tempted to judge the symbols that come into view. Let’s say that a child offers you a jelly bean, but you have a stack of judgments about sugar about a mile high. You might find a reason for resisting, rejecting, or categorizing this symbol of jelly bean because you believe it is separate and real with real and destructive effects, and therefore the urge to step in and control arises. When you resist, reject, and categorize, you interrupt the healing that comes to you by way of symbols. If you can, think of the symbols as light, playful, and leading you on your way to healing.

As you discover that physical worlds are not real, but only thought-made-physical, you may feel tempted to use this idea that physical-isn’t-real as a block to healing. “It’s not real,” you may say. “It doesn’t matter,” you may say, all the while trying to deny the disquiet you feel. Symbols come to expose the disquiet and to assist you into relaxing into the state that allows false thinking to be washed away. Each one is a gift. You do not have to try to resist the symbols that come to you. Remember that if you refused to work with any of the symbols Spirit sends, you’d never turn a doorknob or open a door. Allow this dream to become a dream of healing. Don’t try to deny the dream. Just let it be used by what you truly Are.

Spirit can see clearly what you’re still attached to and where you’re willing to flow. Spirit works with you where you are now, not where you think you should be. Every symbol that seems to come to you is a blessing, and it comes with the active Blessing of the Holy Spirit. All we ask for is your willingness. Be willing to lay judgment aside when your feelings tell you that you are using them to block healing. Ask instead for Spirit’s interpretation of the symbols that seem to surround you. Ask to be shown. This is where your happiness is. If you feel unhappy, you do not understand. Simply ask for understanding. Understanding must come from beyond ego’s attempt to block the light.

Spirit is playful, loving, and giving in its use of symbols. Find your willingness to allow this to be made clear to you. None of the symbols that you encounter need to be fearful, but if you experience them that way, it is a sign that you want to use the symbol for the purpose of upholding a separate identity that doesn’t exist. You also want to use that symbol for the purpose of upholding separate identities for all those you experience as other. You want this because you are used to wanting this.

You have allowed egoic thought to teach you that you are a victim, and that the way out of victimhood is to try to control perceived-as-separate things. Fear is a signal that you are caught up in this mesmerism. When you become aware that you are experiencing the mesmerism, find your willingness to allow Spirit to make use of all the symbols of the physical world you are experiencing in order to free you from the prison you have built. Spirit will not drag you out of the prison when you are clinging to the bars, but Spirit will help you see that it is safe to let go of the bars.

We rejoice eternally in the reality of your freedom.

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash

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