Divine orchestration

You are an instrument in an orchestra. Your joy is in allowing yourself to be played. When you feel any disquiet, the cause is trying to act out of accord, trying to act as a separate one. A separate one you are not. When you are trying to act out of accord, you are attempting what cannot be done–what has never actually been done. In an illusion, yes, you believe that there are separate ones who have actually acted in discord, but this is not possible. That is why we call this experience an illusion. You witness to that which is not possible, and you feel discord because it is not possible.

You are unable to evaluate the music, but you are able to experience the joy of being in it. Unable to evaluate. We ask you to keep this in mind. When you are a separate being who can act out of accord, you also believe that you, as a separate one, are able to evaluate others, also separate. This ability is an illusion. When you are carried in love always, there is no need to evaluate. When you feel the sting of any negative state, it is always because you have engaged in this fiction of attempting to evaluate.

You are not able to decide how loud you’re going to be, how soft you’re going to be, how fast you’re going to be, or how slow you’re going to be. But you’re able to experience the joy of being played. As it stands right now, you have beliefs about what will keep you and others safe, what will keep your self-concept intact. Therefore, you believe it is important to control volume and tempo. You believe it is important to attempt to control how you show up in the world.

We only bring this belief in needing to control into the light. It is up to you whether or not to release it. By now, however, you are tired of living a fiction. Indeed, belief in the fiction is the only thing that can bring on the experience of being tired.

You can’t decide where this song is going or what it means. But you can experience the joy of being carried in it. This is good news. The pressure is off. You are not in charge. But there is One who is, and that One encompasses all of us.

When you feel disquiet, this is how it feels to allow ego to play you in dissonance. Every choice is the choice between dissonance and harmony. This means you get many chances to practice allowing harmony to choose for you. Choosing harmony is the same as deciding to relax into what is Real.

We are here as you face what look like decision points, and we delight in lighting up the harmonious path to make it easy.

Photo by Margriet Hassink
You are always welcome to share these messages. If you also share the photo, please credit Margriet Hassink at https://instagram.com/paintingsmargriet?utm_medium=copy_link. Thank you πŸ’š

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