The shroud disappears

You can’t rely upon what feels so awful anymore. It’s too clear not to. As you go deeper into witnessing the insanity that egoic thoughts offer, you come to see that it has taught you to regard everyone without exception as your sworn enemy. Do not leave anyone out. Mothers, fathers spouses, children, friends–ego instructs all to feed and reject, feed and reject. As ego instructs you to feed and reject, it also trains you to expect this same treatment from all, and it trains you to call it love. Leave no one out. Be bold. Allow all of the misperception to be cleared.

This shroud that you have wrapped round yourself–see that at the same time you wrapped it around yourself, you wrapped it around everyone else. It’s not a real shroud. In fact, it’s more like a pair of glasses that you decided to put on, and it shows you a shroud around everyone. You believe this shroud is the being, and you walk through life as if the shroud is the reality–not the being. Believing these shrouds to be the reality, you alternate between feeding upon that which you think they represent and then shoving them away. That’s it. The highest high the ego can seem to offer is only that–a feeding which seems temporarily safisfying.

Beyond this sight of shrouds, this idea of needing to feed or reject, prior to it all, is that which offers simple and complete fulfillment here and now. It’s not temporary, and it can’t reject you because you are forever one with it. If you see this forever-oneness in all you seem to meet or think of, then there is no feeding and there is no shoving away.

This shame and guilt that you have wrapped round yourself–it says, “You are doomed. Go no further.” But each day you arise, and a voice tells you, “Go further.” You are not trapped in this perception of shrouds. Assistance in leaving it is available always. You learn to focus upon this assistance and to keep your focus upon it. When you turn back to the shrouds, your only option is to see pain and suffering “out there” in order to avoid seeing it within. Choose the option to see pain and suffering’s end.

This shroud that seems to be here–it is this that brings the experience of the limits you requested. You do not escape the shroud. You see that it has never been here. You do not wiggle your way out of it. You remember this: Be still and know that I Am God. This is the only I that could ever be, and all are lovingly encompassed forever within this I. Within the stillness, this is your answer to what seems to move and change. The stillness shows you how to look upon what seems to move and change without any distress, knowing how deeply you and all are loved forever.

Somehow, right now I understand the function of the “big” life events that seem to come. They are what pierces our sense that we can do this by ourselves.

Yes, these seemingly big events help you recognize the presence of assistance everywhere, and they help you relax into it. In this sense, nothing bad can happen. It’s all for the good. The big events teach you that every little event is the same opportunity to recognize and focus upon assistance.

I just had the idea of being pointed toward the shroud of Turin, which I had to look up, of course. My Bible and Christianity ignorance gets used in such a beautiful way. When I am finally directed to look at something, it’s always such a soft and loving message. Or it brings such relief in the clarity that I don’t care if it sounds harsh or extreme.

Look at how the cloth has a negative image of a body, and the face is represented by the pattern of the brightness. Can you see all in this way, as just a pattern showing up within the brightness? As you become willing to recognize the brightness everywhere, the seemingly separate features are swallowed up by the light, but it doesn’t matter, does it? There is nothing to talk about when you allow the brightness to take over, but until then, we use words to point you in the right direction.

Two people I know have a cancer diagnosis. I feel welling up this deep certainty that I have harmed them. This also brought to mind the idea that Ken Wapnick seemed to have a cancer diagnosis.

They come to you to help you see your deep certainty of wrongdoing, your deep certainty that harm is a reality rather than a dream. A dream can fade. Harm asks for punishment. Which do you choose? This is what every choice is about. Do you choose the fading of what isn’t real, or do you choose punishment for wrongdoing?

This deep yet false certainty–is it something you should keep and use? Is it practical? Is it useful? Does it fulfill a function for you? Does it keep you safe? Here is the one thing it does: It sets you apart from others, perceptually. Would you be willing to give this up in order to allow the experience of harm to go?

Rest in the gratitude for what these teachers with a diagnosis have shown you, knowing that they always show you something imaginary that you can hand over right now. In order to hand it over, though, you have to see no practical use in it. No advantage, and no safety. Someone who seems to have a diagnosis leads you into gnosis, into knowing, into remembering. Led in this beautiful way, what is left to do but to give thanks? It is easy to see how deeply loved these teachers are, and as they are loved, you are loved. As they are loved, all are loved.

Hand over what never kept you safe, and here is safety. You just tried to use the idea of harm as real to cover up harmlessness and eternal safety. Thank your teachers, and go in peace.

We rest with you–Here, always. We rest with you–Now, always.

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