The dismantling of defenses

Whenever there is a feeling of disquiet, it signals the seeming presence of your defense. Defenses aren’t real. There is something more real than a defense. It is this–this that is more real than a defense–that can be relied upon fully in all situations. It is this that is present everywhere and accessible to all, always.

Defense is a paintbrush you use to paint a world of strife. The fact that you can feel whenever you are painting a world of strife–this is very helpful. Do not worry about the world of strife. It is only a painting. A painting is no hindrance to that which is more real than defenses.

It can feel so painful to admit that you are the painter. It opens up the original guilt in making a world of unreality devoted to suffering and death. But if the world of unreality is just that–unreal–you have done nothing wrong. And all those pretending in this drama with you–they could never have done anything wrong.

A moment of disquiet is a bell signaling that it is time to put the paintbrush down and to rest. Painting a different painting cannot heal your mind. Resting in remembrance of innocence–this helps to make the painting transparent. Resting with recognition of the Self present in and as all–this makes the light streaming through the painting your guide in all things.

This is the change that takes place. You used to listen to ego’s judgments about the painting as your guides. Now the light streaming through the painting guides you, and when you pause to listen to ego’s judgments, it is very painful.

The painting depicts forces separate from and in opposition to each other. The painting shows that some have, while others lack. It can still feel logical to attempt to see as cause for the problems depicted in the painting one or more of the figures in the painting.

Remember that this is a trick. Whenever you accuse or find flaws in one of the figures in the painting, you are actually separating yourself out from the light and attacking the image of yourself. What you seem to do to one image, you do to the image you call yourself. This mind pattern becomes easier and easier to see as you go along, and then it becomes easier and easier to stop and to rest in and as what is Real.

Whatever the problem that you are certain is the other guy’s, the ding of disquiet means that it is time to allow its perception to be undone in your mind right now. The ding of disquiet means that there are gifts waiting for you here right now–renewed thought, clarity, peace. Those gifts are shareable. You are never given a gift from the Real that you cannot share. Rest in a moment of willingness to accept the gifts that are here for all now.

Your most powerful tool is just a moment of rest, just a moment of willingness to remember who you and the other guy are together. Taking this moment-by-moment, remembering and accepting the opportunity to receive and share gifts throughout the day–this you can do.

We are that which shines through the painting, and so are you. As you remember that we are family, you also remember that you never painted a painting. You’re just dreaming about it.

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