Beyond the fiction of opposites

If you see another through a negative screen (more accurately, a screen of fear), you see yourself through a negative screen. If you see another through a negative screen, you see yourself (and all things, and all events, and all ideas) through a negative screen. We use the word negative because you associate it with density and that which is pain-inducing. We actually mean the fearful, although it is more effective to use the word negative right now. By the fearful we mean the relative positive and negative–that which seems to need the other to have existence.

All tension and stress is caused by thinking associated with looking through this screen of the relative. If there is an absence of strife, even for a moment, you can allow a miracle that assists all beyond this perception of relativity.

Although looking through the screen dims your vision, the screen seems to make things little and separate and manageable by a personal self that makes its own decisions. When you feel the tension and stress of a close focus on a distorting screen, you can allow yourself to be carried back from what seems to be the action–way, way back. Why do we carry you back? We carry you back out of the perception that you can and must do something about what you see from the perspective of the small, separate, personal self. We carry you back out of decision-making and into decision-taking.

Will you take what is given to you? You don’t have to. In your dream, this hallucination you are experiencing, you can go deeper into the belief that the hallucination is real and has real effects. If you pause and allow yourself to be carried back, however, you have the bigger picture. You have enough remembrance to know that you can be guided through the dream by that which gives you decisions. There are always two settings. You can stay close to the action, making your own decisions, or you can be pulled back from it, being given decisions that guide you through the dream in peace and love, with a peace and love that you can share.

From the perspective of decision-making, you cannot share anything. You can just continue in the fantasy and its opposites. From the perspective of decision-taking, you share the remembrance of what you Are with all. Time is for healing, so time is for realizing that decision-taking brings happiness, while decision-making brings pain.

When you make a decision, you do so based on evidence that appears real. The only problem with that is that nothing separate is real. When you take a decision given to you in love by Spirit, you understand that you don’t know anything about anything, because there isn’t anything to know anything about. Even so, here is the dream, and the dream seems real. Spirit guides you through it in a way that helps you remember how safe and loved you are.

If you make your own decisions, you are always defending against outcomes. If you take the decisions that are given by Spirit, you trust that you are held and carried and loved, and you are shown the way. Your reflections can show this to you, so you don’t want to hold them back. Allow your reflections to show you that that you are held and carried and loved. Allow your reflections to show you that seeming decisions are easy because everything you need is given to you.

Are you ready to let go of the idea of management by a personal self? Wherever you are not willing to let go, you can feel its spiky quality–wherever this idea causes pain or discomfort. You can take advantage of each moment in which you are able to notice this pain and discomfort, and you can go in to ask for help. Asking for help always means that you are taken back to the seeming place where decisions are given to you instead of made by an imaginary you.

If you see one in a negative light, you are having a bad dream about that one. Another way of saying it is this: If you see one with any degree of tension or stress, you are having a bad dream about that one. Are you ready to emerge from the dream? Are you ready to see that one as she Is and always has been? Ask for help. In some way, help will come. This is like discovering that in the middle of any perceived situation, there is a button you can press. You keep pressing this button because the outcome is always peace.

Sometimes you can hear someone speak in your dream of being human, and you will believe that your belief is opposite. For example, maybe someone says the equivalent of this: There is a good reason to fear. And you believe that your belief is this: There is no reason to fear. Welcome to the world of opposites, where neither opposite can be real.

Within this fictional world of opposites that can never truly exist, you can be a dream-weaver or a dream-leaver. When you are tempted to judge any aspect of the dream, you can always remember that you are dreaming, and you always see what you want to see. When you wake up and remember that the only reason you could see a character in front of you with an opposing belief is because your character is clinging to one of the fictional opposites, you let go.

In letting go of your grip on fictional opposites, you are open to guidance that carries you through and out of the dream. Every moment of tension you experience is due to your own grip on a fictional opposite. It gets easier and easier to notice and to let go.

We are your soft place to land as you let go, and it is our joy to assist you.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the fiction of opposites

  1. Hmmm. Once I was talking with a meditation guide. He was a very special kind of meditation guide. He ran retreats for exactly one person at a time, usually for a week, in a little cabin he built for this person in Alabama. I remarked to him that I had a habit of waiting interminably, to some, without making a choice, prolonging the potentials and period of uncertainty. He told me after the week that he decided due to this that I did not realize how blessed I was.

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