Reach for the star

When you ask Spirit to show you one you see as other as they truly Are, you will always be shown the same thing. You will be shown a beautiful being, healed and whole and shining, joyful and at peace. Is there any reason not to see this one now? Are you willing to be guided in such a way that brings the sight of this whole and perfect one into being?

Truth very simply benefits all simultaneously. Truth is not something that a single one can misuse. You can have a fantasy about that happening, but that’s all that it can ever be–a fantasy. You have fantasies because you want them. The fantasies take the form of various dramas here, showing you the thoughts you still believe. When you understand that you want instead the simple benefit of truth for all, then you accept the simple benefit of truth instead of the fantasy.

As you unlearn what you came here to learn, you become certain that what you perceive as your action is effect, not cause. It becomes apparent that the stress and strain of attempting to dictate actions from the personal self is not at all necessary.

If the personal self is responsible for the actions that the body performs, then you are going to hold your personal self responsible through pride and blame. What you do to you, you do to all. But beyond the opposites of pride and blame, there is peace. When you focus upon peace, your actions and the actions of all flow from the same place. This is the power everyone has. Through focus on that which is prior to all opposites, you look upon true cause–not cause within an illusion. The effect of focus upon true cause is peace.

Putting Love in charge, moment-to-moment, means that every time a disturbance is experienced, you go in for a reset, having faith that the reset will bring ease to all in some way. And it does. A peaceful programmer programs peace. If you look beyond ego’s program of opposites and strife, of good in contrast to an evil that seems real, you look to the Truth–to goodness without opposite. That’s the true mirror for everyone. Focus upon truth, and experience will show you the effects.

“Reach for the stars” is not about a personal goal. We wish to reinterpret this for you. Reach for the star. There is a guiding star available at all times, and as you reach for it ever so little, the whole world, your mirror, reaches up with you, looks up to the guidance that heals everything in your sight. Focus inward upon what is Real, and you see a world, more and more, that acknowledges this with you.

You are Here with us at Home, and you are safe. As you look toward the guiding star, we remind you, and it is our joy to do so.


If you need a reminder when you go in for a reset today, you can use this statement:
Love is Here.

Close your eyes if you can, take a breath, go in for a moment, and remind yourself: Love is Here.

3 thoughts on “Reach for the star

  1. The action we perceive is an effect, not a cause. What is the cause – is it the place within from where the action takes birth? The ego or peace? Thank you for these beautiful, inspiring and hope-filled reminders. Love is Here and happy New Year!

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    1. Yes, the cause is what we have already chosen to see–Love’s extension or ego’s projection. Each moment of stopping and going in is for affirming that it is love’s extension I want to see.

      When I am seeking a particular identity in comparison to another identity, I am seeking happiness through what can never make me happy.

      Thanks for asking! It helped me to listen to the answer.

      Love is Here
      And Happy New Year

      I love it! Thank you 🙏😊💗🌸✨

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