Letting thought go

Whenever you feel disquiet of any kind, it is always because of the presence of faulty information and false attachments in the mind. If something is there that shouldn’t be there, it makes sense to let it go. This faulty information is all from ego, and you have given it a home in your mind. The false attachments, the ones you can feel as disquiet, this is simply your belief in the thoughts ego sends. Belief can dissolve with your willingness. Have faith in this. The bonds of your belief in the unreal will dissolve in the light, are dissolving in the light.

This faulty information in the mind–it is what you used to obscure the light. You would only obscure the light if you think it is in your best interest, if you think the light is the enemy. You are learning to release every thought that vibrates in the “enemy-is-light” frequency, and this is to your great benefit and the benefit of all. All of the “enemy-is-light” thoughts come from ego, which you set up to send you a constant stream of thoughts that would support you in seeing everything as separate and therefore either threatening or vulnerable. You wanted this perception to become so prominent as to block out the presence of eternal light and love, and now you are allowing this fantasy to be undone.

The moment you perceive any kind of problem there is a tension. The ability to know what you are feeling, to recognize when you are feeling tension–this is key. You will serve yourself and all deeply when you learn to stop everything when that tension comes. No matter how much thoughts from ego tell you that you must barrel ahead to force certain story outcomes, just stop instead. You do have a moment to rest and to allow the story to be rewritten as a story that brings peace to all now.

So you notice tension. You stop. You notice that you feel tension because you perceive a problem. This is your opportunity to recognize your job and Spirit’s job. Spirit’s job is to fix any problem perceived. Your job is to allow it. Who is the fixer here? It isn’t you. When you are barreling head, you’re acting as if you are the fixer. But you aren’t. You are the allower. You are the flower, and the flower doesn’t make itself bloom. It benefits from the water and the sunlight, and it blooms. It doesn’t attempt to prevent its own blooming. It doesn’t attempt to manage its own blooming.

The unreal can be solved very easily, precisely because it is unreal. When you feel tension, you perceive a problem. When you feel tension, you are believing that the problem you perceive is real. There is only one problem, though, and that is the misperception you accept from ego. Spirit can correct this misperception. When you stop in your moment of noticing tension, you can take a moment to remind yourself that the particular problem you are perceiving looks very real, but it isn’t. What is real? Spirit is real, and Spirit is here to correct misperception. You can rest in a moment of willingness to allow misperception to be corrected. Many moments of such rest every day are deely beneficial to all.

It is thinking that problems are real that is the problem. So remember this in your moments of rest:
I am perceiving a problem, and I am believing it is real. I am willing to allow my misperception to be corrected.

Form is very, very flexible and malleable when you remember that Spirit can take total charge of your perception of form for as long as it lasts. You have given that job to ego, but you are in charge. You can give this job to Spirit now.

Whenever you find yourself in struggle and in strife, it only means that it is time to let a thought go. This you can do. Do not put your perceived self in charge of problem-solving. It is enough that you notice the thought that is present in your mind now. It is enough that you notice a thought that you believe, and that you notice that it is this thought that is causing your tension, not any life circumstance. It is enough to find your willingness. It is enough to rest in a moment of willingness to allow all untrue thought to go. It is enough. From here, solutions to all perceived problems will flow.

We rest here in the heart with you. We rest here where all the most beneficial work can be done, and it is our absolute joy to work with you always.

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