World as reflector

When you find yourself locating any problem in someone or something, stop. This is projection. You made the world, and the world isn’t real. The world can prove one of two things to you: You are punished and victimized, punisher and victimizer, or you are innocent forever. If you are innocent forever, then all are innocent forever. The world can show you this if you stop insisting that it is real. It’s simply a reflection. If you need to see a guilty reflection of your belief in your own wrongdoing enacted by bodies you call other, then the world will show you that. If you want nothing more than to see proof that you are innocent forever through everyone and everything you meet, you will see that, too.

By making the world real, you deny it flexibility. What is real is the joy that can be reflected back to you by the world, your mirror. What seems to be real is the guilt you project upon it in changing suffering forms. It truly is up to you. Which you? There is only one. It doesn’t matter which one we seem to addressing. That one has the full power of all at all times–the power to bring about the reflection of joy. The only reason any one of you does not bring about the full reflection of joy is that you are quite preoccupied with believing the world and all of its separate components to be real, vulnerable, and dangerous.

Would there be anything wrong with removing the world’s seeming ability to cause pain? You have just been using the world as a middleman, a canvas to project your pain outward. When you see and experience pain, it is because you find your security in separate aspects of a world in which pain is believed to be real. Find your security in what has always been shining behind the world, what will inevitably eclipse the entire world of your making, and allow all the forms to light up with the innocence and pure remembrance that none of this ever happened, that none of this can ever matter more than what you Are together.

The world is a stage. And scenes play out on the stage. Each scene brings with it the opportunity to see that characters and scenarios always give you what you want. You can want the unreal of opposites and threat and vulnerability to look real, to find your security in separate aspects of that. Or you can want to remember the true nature of all–to have the world be used as a canvas to show you what is real.

Let’s say you’re playing in a scene where it seems as if someone has judged you. How does this give you what you want? If you want to see the separate you as more real than the joined-with-all and innocent You, pain seems to prove that separate-you is real. Death seems to prove that all the separate yous are real. So when an other seems to judge you, it’s only a reflection of the torment you feel inside because you believe something. You believe the fantasy world you made is real. You believe you are a separate aspect, and you believe separate aspects of this world can come at you and damage you emotionally and physically.

When it seems that others judge you, you have to go in to get “their” judging undone because it is ultimately yours being reflected back to you. When you go in to observe, you can access your torment, your belief that this world is real. When you keep looking with a willingness to remember, you can see the joy that you Are is an identity you share with all, no exceptions possible. And you can allow this to come online. You can declare this joy as foundation for your world, without making any exceptions. Every experience of judgment, whether it seems to be yours or someone else’s, is always yours. If you can be hurt by it, it is a reflection of your certainty that the unreal is real. Go in to remember, and allow the joy you Are to come online.

It is up to you, each one of you. Because each “little” you is the joined You of all and has all the power of the joined You. You access this benign and harmonic power by wanting to remember the reality of your Self beyond all else. Getting “that world out there” to listen to you is ultimately unimportant. Allowing the world to reflect your joy back to you is everything.

It is always our joy to show you the joy you Are, to show you your innocence. It is always our delight to see you remembering that you have made a fantasy world, and the light can shine right through it Now.

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