Finding love of Self

My thanks to a reader for their question about learning how to love oneself 💚

Also, to understand today’s photo, look for the spiderweb. It’s there, but you might not notice it at first. This is all about noticing what is here but not prominent in our sight yet 🕸

You learn to love your Self (our shared Self) by seeing it everywhere with no sense of threat. The separated aspect you call your separate self cannot be loved because it is not Real, and only love is Real. This is good news, because you can give up trying to love any separate selves. There is great relief here. There is one thing to be seen at all times, anywhere, through any of the different surfaces you seem to see. Love Is already. It’s nothing you have to do. You only have to notice. Notice, and you feel the benign power and safety of what truly Is. This is how you learn to love your Self. You already do love it. This love can never be changed, and then you learn to notice that.

“My self is not your self.” This is the heart of ego, of misperception, of delusion, of unhappiness. But remembering this reveals the peace present in every moment:
My Self is Here within all I see as separate. It is alive, available to me and all, and so helpful in this very moment.
Remember this, and allow Love to inspire your experience.

Find your willingness to allow Harmony to activate and shine forth from within every aspect of what is seen and done. Let’s pause and look at this. You seem to see things. The most important thing about all of the things you see is that the spark of Harmony is alive within all of them and can shine forth as you focus upon its reality.

You seem to do things. The most important thing about all the things you seem to do is that the spark of Harmony is alive within every thing and can shine forth as you focus upon its reality. This aliveness, this spark–it is your Self and is present, beautiful, and alive behind every surface.

When you allow Harmony to shine forth from within every aspect of what is seen and done, this is loving your Self, for your Self is everywhere and innocent forever. This is living your Self. You can live your Self by loving your true Self–seeing it everywhere without threat, unimpeded by any positive or negative surface covering it. It doesn’t matter what good or bad surface seems to cover it. What matters is what Is, not the illusion you have placed in front of it.

Whenever you feel a sense of edge or density or threat, recognize this very simply for what it is. It is just you struggling against a sense of willingness within you that can never die. This is the willingness to see the essential, innocent, beautiful nature of your Self everywhere without threat. If you can relax out of that struggle, the struggle against your willingness, you make it possible to see what is Real–the essential nature of your Self everywhere, in everything, through everyone, beyond all judgment.

There is one thing you must do. Notice ego’s stumbling blocks through your capacity to feel. You can always feel ego’s stumbling blocks, and they always have the same function. Ego’s stumbling blocks are thoughts designed to have you judging surfaces and believing them real. But you can notice this. You can notice this and sit with the thoughts as they dissolve. You can look beyond ego’s thoughts, surface descriptors, to the light shining within everything. You can allow that light to lead. This is Love. This is your love, and because it is yours, it belongs to all.

When you feel one of ego’s stumbling blocks, notice that you believe this thought:
I want difficulty and adversity to be more real than what is here.
And then take advantage of your opportunity:
The illusion of difficulty and adversity seems real, but it cannot be more real than what is actually Here, always. I am willing to be led by what is Here.

Focus upon what is Here always, behind every surface, within every thing you think is separate, and you do love your Self. You have noticed that it is here, and you are willing to acknowledge that it is more real than anything else.

Love just Is. It’s not a doing, but it seems to be a doing once it is remembered. Pause to remember what is more real than the illusion of time and space, and the doings you experience and see begin to remind you of your essential nature everywhere, in everyone, in everything. It is this you love because you Are love. It is this you learn to rely upon entirely.

It is our joy to support you and uplift you and remind you. It is our delight to bask in the light we Are with you.

2 thoughts on “Finding love of Self

  1. Just so fabulous! Your words are so inspiring, it’s so truthful and real. I love how you explain the truth of all life, of how to live, how to see life and see ourselves as the deepest love and the oneness of all. It’s all in the going inwards, isn’t it! I love that! Thank you, Julie, your words heal and reveal and there’s harmony in that! 🎈

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