Stop and choose

Anytime you are taking anything on the level of form seriously, you are confused. This may seem like extreme advice, but it is extreme advice that you are ready to hear. Knowing that you are confused, you can give the entirety of the world, which is only a confused projection of a confused mind, a break. Do not look to the world for answers. Simply go within and find your willingness to have confusion undone. It is always done for you when you give the go-ahead, and it is never anything you have to do.

When you notice that you have become serious, heavy, withdrawn, tense, controlling, or judgmental, you are allowing illusion to instruct you about Reality, which it cannot do. Illusion is a terrible dictator, but if you allow all to be mastered by the Divine, then all share in the unity of its mastery. All the gifts are there for you and everyone, always. The choice of perception is always up to you. When you notice that you feel threatened in any way, your perception is askew, and the whole world mirrors this back to you because it is the projection of a mind askew. You only need to choose again. Stop and choose. Stop and choose.

We are not asking you to take anything on the level of form not-seriously. We are not requesting an opposite. Rather, we are inviting you beyond the perception of form and all the value you assign to it–beyond all of that into peace. Peace is always available to you and all. It’s just that you are still rather deep into the habit of being distracted out of it, looking at the world, reacting and evaluating, trying to control. Your mind is always touching all other minds, and you do all other minds the greatest service by abiding in the peace that you all are.

Whenever you feel tension or disquiet for any reason, it is an opportunity to allow the miracle to do the rearranging. Stop and find your willingness to have confusion undone. When you make this choice, you make a beneficial choice for all. It is truly an expression of love. Stop and choose love. Stop and choose love.

There is only one use for the illusion: Allow all the symbols within it to be used for your own healing. Your own healing is the healing of all, so find your willingness to allow every aspect of the illusion to be lit up in the service of reawakening to the Wholeness of all.

Our eternal refuge and celebration is within the Wholeness that we are, and we are delighted to see you wake up within it.

Photo by Severin Stalder on Unsplash

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