The light of awareness

In asking you to look upon another, we are asking you to look upon light. Think of this today. Whenever you are looking upon another in the physical or in thought, you are actually only looking at boundless, beautiful light. This is the reality of that other, no matter what role that other seems to be playing for you right now. We ask you to see this boundless, beautiful light right now. We ask you to help what you perceive as the other remember your mutual true origin not though words, but by appreciation. Just by seeing them as they truly are, you will be truly helpful. As you help others, so you help yourself.

Doesn’t it become very interesting to see how you can see something other than light? Whenever you are convinced you see and experience something other than light from another today, stop. Stop and remind yourself:
I am delivering this experience of “something other” to myself. I deliver this experience to myself through choice. I can choose to see light. 

Remember that the seeming other is always enacting the perfect role of reflecting ego back to you wherever it is still active. They are always your means to freedom. This doesn’t mean that you are flawed. If the one in front of you seems to be hopelessly lost in ego, remember their role of reflection. You are not experiencing the purity of light shining through them right now, but you do have that power. If you choose to hold onto another perception about them because you think that judging and defining them will protect you or define you in some positive way next to them, you are choosing suffering.

This is all about realizing when you are choosing suffering and then choosing again. What you perceive as your freedom isn’t freedom at all. When you think you are making your own decisions and dictating your own path, you are simply ego’s puppet. Ego is your invention, made in order to deliver the experience of separate, vulnerable and conflicted identity. The form that feels like you can’t ever be anything more than a puppet. The form can be animated by ego or animated by harmony. That’s the only decision there is. All other decisions within form are distractions from this one decision.

When it seems there is another form in your world, and that form is animated by ego, thank the reflection. The reflection is inviting you back into the peace of nonjudgment. If you can see it as just another form, operated by a fragment of Mind whose only true decision can be for harmony or ego, for joy or pain, then you are seeing it truly. Remember the virtual reality aspect of this. No matter what that other one seems to be going through, that other dear one is actually safe and loved and at home here in heaven. If you know this of them, you create a powerful draw to remembrance.

It is not possible to enact a role that is not perfect in every way. Hear this. Every role has always been enacted perfectly, down to the last gesture. Whether the actor has been demonstrating to everyone the choice they have making for suffering, or whether the actor has been reminding everyone of the safety and joy of Home, the role has been enacted perfectly. All serve, and all serve perfectly, always. The truest things you can say to anyone are “Thank you” and “I love you.”

Now it is time to unwind the drama. Now it is time for deep forgiveness–forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. Forgiveness isn’t judgment. It isn’t saying, “You did wrong, but I will continue with you anyway even though you are flawed.” Forgiveness is saying this:
I recognize that you have been perfect all along, and you have always served my awakening. Thank you for being true to your purpose. Thank you for being perfection itself.  Whether you have playing the role of divine trigger, inviting me to notice that I have chosen an illusion of suffering, or whether you have reminded me of Home, you have always been perfect in every way. I understand now that it was never possible for you to be otherwise. 

In order to unwind the drama, you must release the judgments to which you’ve previously attached. Those judgments are suffering itself. And now it’s not about the others anymore. It’s not about the others and the way they seem to have the power to cause suffering for you. It becomes all about the judgments to which you’re still attached and realizing you can let them go. You can let them go precisely because they have always been meaningless. They have given you neither certainty nor safety.

You originally attached to those judgments because they represented safety. Ego called to you and told you it could conduct you through physicality. You believed ego, and you followed. You placed the body under the control of ego. You can just as easily place the body under the control of Love. Love itself recognizes the nonexistence of ego. Ego doesn’t actually exist. It’s only an illusion. You can turn to the gnawing emptiness of nothingness for guidance, or you can turn to the burgeoning fullness of what you Are and always have been. You can turn to the burgeoning fullness of what all others Are and always have been.

You get to decide. It’s truly the only decision you can make. All of the other decisions are illusions. Whenever you can, return to this original decision point and decide for Love. Whenever you have an idea for what to enact in the physical, it’s either coming from Love or from fear. Ask to be shown what Love would have you say and do. Your happiness is there. The ability to share happiness with others is there, in this one decision you can make.

Thank you for being open, and thank you for your willingness to see all others in the light of the innocence they truly are. When you can see all of them, without exception, in that way, this is the end of guilt. This is when you are able to see your own self as innocent in every way, and then there are no perceived boundaries anymore. We are always with you, and we will always respond to a call to help you decide for Love.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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