Set down your defenses to accept the gift

A belief is a defense.

Right now, don’t worry about the ” good” beliefs you have. When you address what appear to be negative or tense beliefs, you work with belief in general. You have no need of belief in anything in particular when you transcend belief to access knowing in every moment. To access knowing in every moment, you must move past fixed belief into the openness of giving and receiving in every moment. A shorter way of saying “giving and receiving in every moment” is inspiration.

Do you have to make fixed notions go away? You do not. Whenever you encounter them during your day, just know that they are not necessary. That is all. What you don’t need falls away. What is connected to your happiness rises up in its place. It is always very simple.

What do you have to defend against?

We invite you to notice anytime defensiveness or tension seems to rise up within you. First of all, it’s good. It’s very, very good. What you do not need has revealed itself and can leave now. What is not you has highlighted itself as not-you.

When actions and conditions that appear to be outside of you seem to bring this inner defensiveness up to the surface, always remember that they are a service. Find your intention to be truly thankful for that which helps you emerge from confusion. You might not be able to go to the place of true gratitude immediately, but simply state your intention to arrive there. Things will come into focus. Know that we are assisting you. Be open to that assistance.

Knowing is available to you in every moment. When you take advantage of the gift offered to you in every moment, you radiate that knowing seemingly outward and share it. That is why giving and receiving are the same. When you accept the gift that is always there for you, you automatically share it with all others. That is why belief is not necessary. You don’t need the fixed in the presence of that which is ever-flowing.

Knowing isn’t something you earn. It’s something you accept, because it is always here for you and all others. Because knowing isn’t something you earn, not a single one of you needs to struggle to be worthy. No one needs to earn your approval, and you don’t need to do anything at all in order to gather approval to yourself. Disapproval–that which you direct toward others, and that which others seem to direct toward you–means nothing at all. It is fluff. It truly means nothing. When you know that such phenomena on the surface mean nothing, you can go deeper to what is always there for you and all others. When you accept the gift of it, that gift is shared.

Knowing is always indivisible from this moment. There is only one moment. When you are choosing the experience of time, the one moment repeats itself in different forms. It couldn’t be simpler, although it appears complex on the surface.  Belief is of time. It is something you have to remember and carry around with you when you are believing you are a separate self. Belief is not needed when you accept the knowing that you are not separate, and you allow this knowingness to express itself in time.

Circumstances and events are lined up beautifully to help you discover where you cling unnecessarily to belief. Whenever you find sincere thanks for what life experience helps you to release, you’re thanking our Oneness.  That’s why it feels good and sincere. It includes everyone and excludes no one.

We invite you to the laughter and joy of that moment when you touch gratitude for everything life brings your way. When you accept it as the gift it is, you’re able to share that gift with others.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

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