Time at your service

https://youtu.be/8r0ubifGk_8 Consider time the pathway that reunites you with your True Self. Everything with a linear focus can be used in the service of healing, so you are not time's enemy. You are that one who will see through time entirely, but until that point, time can be put in the hands of those who … Continue reading Time at your service

The happiest use of time

https://youtu.be/V9l0EWmSyc8 Time used to be a hiding place for you. It was a place for enacting your fantasy role as a separate one with autonomy. Time was a stage upon which what the separate one wanted played out. Now time is a means of teaching you. Time is a means of teaching you that time … Continue reading The happiest use of time

The peaceful convergence of all timelines

We thought you might like to know that you are time travelers. By this we mean that timelines are converging. They are converging toward an outcome foretold, an outcome desired by us all. It is an outcome of great relief for our divine siblings, and we experience great joy as we see you moving toward … Continue reading The peaceful convergence of all timelines

Time is a story believed

We would like to draw your attention to one of our siblings who always walks with you, who is always available to you. This is the resonance of Yeshua, better known to many as Jesus. As a man, he surrendered his separation consciousness in quite spectacular fashion, and he is always available to assist you … Continue reading Time is a story believed