Time at your service

Consider time the pathway that reunites you with your True Self. Everything with a linear focus can be used in the service of healing, so you are not time’s enemy. You are that one who will see through time entirely, but until that point, time can be put in the hands of those who help you to utilize it on your behalf. Think of yourself as entirely taken care of, entirely provided for, with a plan for each day already written out. You only need to follow.

Stated more correctly, you only need to have the willingness to follow the plan for each day that serves healing. If you have the willingness to follow, you will be carried along that path in happiness and ease.

As long as you perceive time, you have something to learn or unlearn, and you have all the immediate help you need in doing so. It is always the perfect day for having your perceptions undone. It is always the perfect minute or second for having your perceptions undone. If you look upon time, then look upon its perfection in the service of healing.

Time’s end is guaranteed to be joyful. You only stay in time if you want to continue to suffer. The lessons that seem to come to you in time, always at the perfect time, show you what is suffering and what is not. Anything attached to the concept of time is always a choice for suffering. Time seems to bring this lesson to you, and then you allow the perception of time to go because the joy shining beyond it is so obvious.

Time is a means for teaching you that you don’t want to suffer. You may think that you know this already, but if you are suffering in any way, you are making decisions on suffering’s behalf. Time seems to bring you those perfect lessons that show you how and why you are doing this. You are led joyfully and lovingly to the point of realizing that you can stop the thinking that leads inevitably to suffering. The lessons you seem to meet in time show you that you do not need to suffer at all.

Consider time to be a helpful illusion for as long as you perceive it. There is no need to fight against the illusion you made, as all aspects of it can be turned to your service and the service of all.

We happily make use of all illusions you place in our hands. We thank you for allowing us to use your perception of time for the highest good.

Photo by Laura Gilchrist on Unsplash

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