The happiest use of time

Time used to be a hiding place for you. It was a place for enacting your fantasy role as a separate one with autonomy. Time was a stage upon which what the separate one wanted played out.

Now time is a means of teaching you. Time is a means of teaching you that time is not an immutable force which works upon you. It is a fantasy that you made up for the purpose of experiencing yourself as separate. When you become willing, time can be undone for you.

Time can be used to bring you to the realization that you are willing to allow time to collapse. Time is not something you need, and it is not something for you to control. You can turn the whole of time over to the Holy Spirit to use on behalf of healing.

When time is used on behalf of healing, time collapses. The whole human drama is written out in script form. The ending of the drama is joyful, and this is guaranteed. The time collapse is brought about by miracles. With each miracle, a section of the script is deleted, scenes of strife unneeded because a faster form of realization was allowed.

Why would you want to allow a time collapse? Because you can recognize, even faintly, that time was imagined for the purpose of suffering, of believing in separation from one’s creator, for the purpose of belief in separate and conflicting autonomies that cannot actually exist. However dimly, you do recognize that time is suffering, and when you look deep within, you can see that you are willing to give it up, revealing the Eternity, the Reality that has been here all along.

The time collapse is about allowing the unreal to disappear from your sight. As you allow miracles, whole sections of suffering get cut out of the script, and the Real world comes into view as a happy and loving place. Increasingly, you come to know deeply how loved and safe you all are.

We thank you for allowing the perception shift that brings about miracles. It is our honor to assist you as you allow miracles to bring a world of happiness into your sight.

Photo by Heather Zabriskie on Unsplash


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