I will not hide it

https://youtu.be/6RQXEz0xDVs When a contracted emotion arises: I recognize this as another form of fear I will not hide it I will not hide from it I feel my willingness to release fear and allow peace and inspiration to take its place I am happy to have this opportunity to accept all that is good into … Continue reading I will not hide it

I don’t fix anything

I don't fix anything. That which is already fixed, the only fixed and stable thing--Love--is the only fixer. The fixing comes through me when I get out of the way. I notice. I allow. I notice fear arising. I notice how any negative emotion is another form of fear. I notice a temptation to attach … Continue reading I don’t fix anything

The now moment

When I release into the now moment, I drop my identity. I drop your identity, too. I drop all sense of obligation and demand, so this leaves both of us free. It leaves me free to see the strength in you, the light in you, and when I see this in you I see this … Continue reading The now moment