Changing guidance

The bully is the one who has the most fear. If we are frightened of him (and anger and blame are both forms of fear), he feels and knows that energy. It is the energy he follows for dominance and control. We show him examples of following fear when we blame him. When the bully … Continue reading Changing guidance


I'm sharing what I'm learning and experiencing in conversations, particularly those with my four children (because they give very honest and direct feedback), ages 2-12, in hopes that it will ease others on their journey toward effortless expression and sharing. I am learning to be guided by feeling rather than logic. I suppose I am … Continue reading Conversations

Thorn in the foot

I woke up wondering why I felt like I was boiling in oil, emotionally speaking. I indulged in a few moments of, "Well, if you think you've come so far spiritually, why does it seem at this moment as if you have stuffed up life completely and have no idea how to live?" There's a … Continue reading Thorn in the foot