Attention: Deficit Disorder I get the most lovely perspectives from the nonphysicals. I know they are only the larger part of myself, yet I experience this as a receiving and a creative expression together. It's a true joy. Anyhow, a perspective on people who have been labeled ADD popped in. It was so beautiful. It showed me … Continue reading Attention: Deficit Disorder

You are so hot

More fascinating lessons... I find the experience of being in public very intense. As I recognize my mind's link with others, I also resist it. I come home from each experience "out there" ready to face the next layer of fear that came up. I just learned something so interesting and helpful about people we … Continue reading You are so hot

Trust and step forward

I noticed that I began to worry about a possible negative outcome. I was already a few thoughts in. Then questions came: What do you want to happen? I want an outcome that's not disturbing. Why do you want that outcome? Because I want to feel happy. So you truly want to feel happy? Yes, … Continue reading Trust and step forward