Forgetting to remember

We'd like you to play with this energy: Forgetting to remember You don't have to try to forget anything. Just be open to the idea that you might forget to remember all that led to your acceptance of the first fearful thought. Think of this happening effortlessly. Every morning, when you wake up, you will … Continue reading Forgetting to remember

Echoes of the past

A word about my process: Sometimes there are a lot of posts because I get a lot of brief, powerful downloads. The process of writing deepens communication, at least for now. This is my personal learning tool, but I do love that in putting it in this format, others can benefit from it if it … Continue reading Echoes of the past

Three breaths

Shall I entitle this blog "Broken Record"? I say this because there is so much repetition and strong focus on the process of feeling and releasing fear. I feel as if the words that yearn to come tapping out of my fingers say the same thing, over and over again. I do feel the learning … Continue reading Three breaths

Feeling the impact of thoughts

First we asked you to feel your emotions. We asked you not to hide from them and attempt to locate them somewhere else through blame and judgment. We asked you to label and identify your emotions. This process took thought, and now you are ready for something simpler. Now you can see that emotions are … Continue reading Feeling the impact of thoughts


The moment you are aware of a negative thought, your willingness to feel it shines a light upon it. Since it has no real structure and no real ability to affect anything, it dissolves. You don't need to fear the power of thoughts. It is your own belief in thoughts that gives them power. Rather … Continue reading Shine

Dismantle the wall

Emotions are energy in motion. Negative emotions are trapped energy. That's why they don't feel good. Building on a metaphor from a previous post, holding on to negative emotions is like holding onto a bird that wants to fly free. Your freedom lies in your ability to recognize your emotional response, take a moment to … Continue reading Dismantle the wall