Choose your playwright

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more.

Macbeth, William Shakespeare

Thanks for the wake-up call, William Shakespeare!

Apropos of nothing, but still interesting, is that whenever I contemplate this quote and appreciate it I see a woman smiling back at me. Is that you, Will? She is shaking a spear at me and grinning. And I hear, “At least he had help.” Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

We are actors, really good ones. We are entirely committed to our roles. The interesting thing is that once we realize that we are players upon the stage, the real fun begins.

Imagine that you’re just you, living your life. It feels so real. Your ability to navigate your way through it, to make mistakes and triumph, feels so very real. But then, somehow, you begin to notice that there is an audience watching your drama–the drama you are enacting with all of the other characters.

The audience members have a much broader perspective than the actors. They reside in the nonphysical, and they are always available to help us read the script of Love. We have been depending heavily on fear to supply our lines, but once we see the source of the drama we enact with each other…

…look at that. The drama we enact with each other. We’re actors. Our material comes from somewhere. If we allow ego (separate identity) to color our perspective and supply our lines and actions, we march further into conflict, disorder and disease. When we tire of this dependence and its inevitable outcome, we realize there is a different source for lines and actions. It’s a source that’s been there all along and couldn’t possibly be destroyed. It’s Life itself.

The playwright of fear is merely something we consulted to have an adventure. Are you done yet? No? Your lines and actions will be supplied. Are you ready to see and experience the foundation of who you are and who everyone else is? Your lines and actions will be supplied.

That’s your free will–your choice of playwright. We choose fear or Love in every moment. We choose false or True in every moment. We choose illusion or Reality in every moment.

Inevitably, whatever I am learning to bring into lived experience will be reflected in a song my kids are listening to. This leads me to appreciate how music and song–any art form, really–reach into us and pull up what can be released. They also call us into that flow. Things that I used to see as superficial? Now they’re likely to reflect a deep truth for me in a playful way.

Photo by Peyman Naderi on Unsplash

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