Watching opposites

Notice when you begin to pit one thing against another in your mind, how thoughts pile on top of one another into judgments and opinions. Each thought is a distractor from the power you are, the flow that would express itself through the body. In this Earth experience–one of intentional limitation–the flow can be blocked by your willful attachment to fearful thoughts.

Really look at the play of opposites in your thoughts today. First one side, and then the other. You may make decisions about people based on these opposites you entertain.

You entertain the opposites. You make decisions about who people are and what is happening.

But if you watch yourself doing this…there is something deeper and utterly stable (also vibrantly alive, paradoxically) doing the watching. This is the Source. This is the still point, your reference point, your North Star. Do the judgments, opinions and decisions mean anything at all to this one?

Now look at the one who values judgments and opinions, who is fueled by them, who enjoys springing off a judgment into an opinion. Look at this figment. You are watching.

This figment is the one who seeks approval. This figment is the one who seeks “positive” interaction, having already determined what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. This figment is fashioned of fear and resistance.

There is something deeper, more stable, more alive, and it’s you. It’s the other guy, too. If you keep your gaze focused on this Reality, you invite it into experience, past all the judgments, all the opinions, all the definitions, all the ping-ponging back and forth.

Watch for when comparison comes into your experience. You have picked up fear out of habit when you are comparing and evaluating. Any time you compare one other to your false self, you have forgotten that you are only one Self and there is never any true threat. We only compare out of a sense of threat. We try to find stable footing in definitions and judgments.

After a while of watching this (and this is the true purpose of time), we realize that the only stability is within the constant awareness of the Whole. When I come to know myself as Whole, I come to know you that way, too.

Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash

One thought on “Watching opposites

  1. “Any time you compare one other to your false self,…” It’s a very delicate, yet definitive way. To compare another to your false self must come from your false self. To see a true self must come from the true self. What you see is what you get. Or, how you see is what you get.

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