Calling to what’s Real

Each situation you find yourself in is perfectly designed to help you release who you are not and to accept the harmonic, unified, powerful self you are. That’s why there is no one to fear.

Each encounter is your next and best opportunity to see a true reflection of yourself in the other guy. If what you’re seeing in the other guy is not what you would like to see in the mirror, it’s an opportunity.

Notice how you’re resonating. There’s a peaceful aspect of you. It’s always there, or the body wouldn’t be alive. It’s calm, resourceful, appreciative, and joyful. It never, ever leaves you. It can, however, be obscured by willful misperception. You can align yourself to the perception of separate wills in conflict with one another.

In the very same situation, you have the option to go deeper. You can maintain awareness of your True Self and the other guy’s True Self. You can remember that when you maintain resonance with your True and shared identity, that’s what you bring forth into experience from him. The walls come down. Who he truly is knows that it’s safe to come out and play.

If you’re resonating with the other guy’s false self, you’re going to be caught up in judgment, opinion and resistance. You can work down from the very obvious layers to the more subtle ones–slight discomfort, tension arising in the body, wandering thoughts.

This doesn’t mean that we make a project out of any other person, ever. When you realize that Love is all there truly is, and it’s awaiting expression through all of us, you trust the neutral forces of attraction and repulsion that move you from place to place. Because all are supported in Love, there is no need to cling to anyone or to work on anyone. The more you realize this is true for you–that constant, loving support could never leave you–the more you will be able to communicate that energetically to others.

In each situation where you appear, you have the opportunity to call to what’s Real within each person and within the situation itself. It’s a tremendous opportunity, wherever you are, whoever you’re with, to invite the expression of Love into your world.

Notice how this has nothing to do with trying to be something called loving and attempting to enact that. It’s about seeing. Remembering. Once you allow yourself to see truly, action and speech flows through you, and you invite that same flow through others and into any situation where you appear.

If you decide to take an aspect of the world or a person and to struggle against it because your judgments and opinions tell you what you should enforce, you get to keep the world of disorder you have created. If you allow the flow of who you are into the world through the body you use to communicate, through the other guy, and through every situation, you are choosing a world transformed. You are inviting Reality to become physically visible and experienced in daily life. You are inviting Heaven on Earth.

Who you truly are naturally invites Heaven on Earth wherever you appear.

Photo by Jin Hyeong Kim on Unsplash

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