Descending through the layers

When you have allowed another layer of separate self to come into the light, there is pain, at first. There is acute discomfort as you realize that what you have been holding onto as yourself is pain. It’s fear.

The acute discomfort is sharp realization. “I have been functioning ‘normally’ while holding onto something completely abnormal. I have been mistaking it for myself.” If you try to hold onto it, the pain will continue. It’s good that it continues, as you truly don’t want to hold onto it.

You want to remember that you can let go of it, and your nonphysical friends are waiting to catch it for you. The more you give them, the more you are brought into Oneness with them. You are inviting ease of function, clarity of perception.

When there is an amazingly big ouch, it’s also a moment when the light has penetrated. Remember that. Allow the light to do its work. Your job is to feel, without judgment of anyone or anything. As the judgments arise as temptations, simply know them for what they are. They are the dysfunction inviting you back in, inviting you to attach again to what is not you–a figment that always brings the experience of pain and fear.

This is very logical now. You would not attach to that which is not you. It’s also very emotional. When you are free to feel, you are clear about when something has surfaced for release. When you have released what is there to release, peace returns.

Photo by Nacho Bilbao on Unsplash


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