The bag

When you feel emotional pain or contraction of any sort, it’s a signal.  You are believing something that is untrue.

There is great, great temptation in moments of emotional pain to assign cause to people, conditions, or deficiencies of a separate self you call yours, but all statements assigning blame to separate entities are lies. In this moment, it is  your power to see through the lies. It is your honor and your privilege to willingly see through all the lies you have told yourself, all the lies you have taught yourself to attach to. You see through the lies you have projected outward as your world.

This leaves you responsible for your world and every molecule in it, but it also leaves you fully able to respond. When you awake to the fact that you are all benign power, you allow that power to flow outward through you.

What would stop you from cleaning up your planet? Ending hunger? Restoring balance and order? Those are very interesting questions. You are all the power and love that would right all perceived wrongs. So is the other guy, no matter how it appears. What would stop you from seeing what is true?

The space of this question is a very interesting place to be.

What would stop me from seeing what is true?

Look at what comes rushing in to fill this space. Ideas. Beliefs. Fears. Ideas about limits. Beliefs about victimhood and a power beyond what you are. Fears that lead to hopelessness.  Those are the only things that stand between you and this world you project. They represent ways you have chosen for fear in the past.

The wonderful thing about time is that each moment is new, fresh, pure, with a remarkable potential for transformation. The only thing that can stand in the way of transformation and healing are the things you drag into the present moment from your past.

Imagine that when you were around two years old, you were given a small bag, with one feather in it. You were told to carry this bag around always because it would keep you safe, and you believed the one who told you this because that one always carried a bag around. They gave you food, clothing, shelter and kindness. You believed them.

Every year, you were given a bigger bag and a heavier object to add to the load. You were praised for your successful bag carrying and condemned every time you dropped it. You feared rejection, starvation, hatred, so you kept carrying that bag. It seemed like the only way.

Every year, it was hard to adjust to the weight that was added, but every year, you mastered carrying that weight and the world praised you for it. You wanted more praise. You wanted that praise and acceptance more than you wanted to put the bag down.

One day, however, you saw what everyone was doing. You saw how hard everyone was trying to keep holding these bags and to drag them into each new moment. You saw the sparkling beauty of each new moment, and you were so surprised. When the surprise and wonder faded, you noticed you weren’t holding onto anything. You had dropped the bag. You dropped the bag, and nothing terrible was happening.

You still dragged it around with you, because everyone else had a bag. What would happen if they noticed you weren’t carrying yours anymore? Wouldn’t that be unfair? Wouldn’t they make a target out of you? Memories came to you–memories of all the lifetimes that you dropped your bag and died. You were burned at the stake. You were stoned. Your loved ones were hurt. They killed your goat. Wouldn’t it be crazy to drop the bag? Won’t this lifetime end the same way? Don’t I have to protect the people around me by carrying the bag?

It was irresistible, though. You kept letting go of the bag. You kept it close by, but you kept letting go. You kept it in the same room with you, but you didn’t drag it around every second. You forgave. You forgave all those lifetimes when you felt victimized by what you had projected. You went back to the very, very beginning when you chose fear out of a desire to experience that which was not the Whole. When you chose fear, it was only for the experience of it. The world you projected–all of it–every character, every situation, every moment–came of this choice to step into the experience of fear.

From this first choice for fear, you forgave everything. You understood that you projected it all. Now you stand at the threshold. You know that you do not have to drag this bag with you into every moment. You understood something about your attachment to fear that you were not able to see in the other lifetimes. That’s why you came back.

The bag is imaginary. It was never real. It was always made of thought, and it’s the work of a moment to see through any thought to the Love you are. You understand that each moment reflects the purity, power and potential for transformation that is the true identity of everyone. You brought back a broader perspective. And a broader one, and a broader one, until you could see the Whole of All while still communicating through human form.

Now you stand poised. What comes next?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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